Keep Smiling!

I almost fell off my horse the other night. It wouldn't have been the first time this year, but it would have been the first time that she was standing still. I managed to pull myself back into the saddle, but not without some effort.

You see, my mom is in town and that means baby sitter. Baby sitter means riding. I take full advantage when I can. So does Jenn. We met, as usual, after work and before dark. Caught horses, saddled horses… you know the routine. This time when we rode off, my lawn mower joined us.

That’s Lodi. She’s one of my “forever” mares. She mows my lawn. It’s not really a lawn, it’s just random grass that grows outside of the fenced pasture. Lodi keeps it chewed down for me and if we ride off, sometimes she joins us. This evening she followed us to the cleared arena area and settled down to eat. When we left for the trails she headed back to the other horses in pasture. She told us a trail ride sounded like too much walking.

This particular night my dogs were locked up and only Jenn’s little dog, Vegas, was with us, so after a chat with Mom and her friend, we made a beeline for the front gate. We rode across the front of the property, which is so pretty now that it’s cleared, to the neighboring vacant land. Discovered some great new trails, which Chevy had to lead through since Ruby was having none of it.