National Reining Horse Association Derby Includes Head-To-Head Competition Between Top IHSA, NCEA and NRHA Members

Competition kicked off with an exciting start of the last day of the NRHA Derby with the NRHA Collegiate Championship Class. Held every year at the NRHA Derby, the top four individuals from the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA), National Collegiate Equestrian Associations (NCEA), and NRHA compete head-to-head.

Riders randomly draw for their order of go and horse, which is generously donated by competitors at the NRHA Derby, before competing. Riders are allowed a five minute warm up prior to entering the arena.
Makayla Maciejewski (IHSA) kicked off the competition aboard Plum Chrome, owned by Kim Lansidel. However, she had a little rough luck and received a score of zero. Elizabeth Hayes (NRHA), second in the draw aboard Dun Berry Legend donated by Sambambyr Farm, received a score of 206.5 and set the mark for the rest of the class.
Morgan Sykes (IHSA), aboard Kiss My Trash donated by Brannan Cliver, held the high score with a 210 until the very last run. Holly Philips (NRHA) was the last rider to compete. She made it count, riding Olenas ChocolateChic donated by Maurice Robison, and received a score of 210.5 to win the class.
The complete placings were as follows:
First place – Holly Phillips (NRHA) aboard Olenas Chocolate Chic owned by Maurice Robinson with a score of 210.5
Second place – Morgan Sykes (IHSA) aboard Kiss My Trash owned by Brannan Cliver with a score of 210
Third place – Layla Choate (NCEA) riding Custom Made Pistol owned by Samambyr Farm with a score of 208.5
Fourth – Claudia Spreng (NCEA) riding Chocolate Whiz Chic owned by Cashdon Rasmussen with a score of 207
Fifth – Danielle Grasmeder (IHSA) aboard Kr Ima Selfish owned by Linda Lilly with a score of 206.5, broken by tie-breaker judge score
Sixth – Elizabeth Hayes (NRHA) riding Dun Berry Legend owend by Sambambyr Farm with a score of 206.5
Seventh – Mariah Wright (NCEA) riding Annie Electric owned by Mike McFarlin with a score of 206.5
Eighth – Kyndall Harper (NRHA) riding Hollywood Cielo owned by Sambambyr Farm with a score of 205
Ninth – Alexa Buckheit (IHSA) riding Thechicksarewatching owned by Meloney Morris with a score of 204.5
Tenth – Lauren Garmon (NCEA) riding Bet U Luv This Kid owned by Shaelyn Vering with a score of 194