Exploring Pine Island

In what has now become my Never Ending Search for the next ACTHA venue, Pine Island has been mentioned several times. Pine Island is on North Merritt Island here in FL. I've been several times, but not in recent years. In recent years I've turned into a broodmare and when I do haul off the property it seems to be for competitive purposes or to deliver or pick up a horse. 

I love Pine Island. I recommend it to anyone as a place for day riding. I would never think of it as a place to host rides for one very big reason. Not enough parking. Well, that and no amenities like bathrooms, electricity, stalls, camping etc. 

I am constantly reminded though that they have undergone some huge renovations and they have parking and some amenities. So, I’m now trying to find a day that is open and a victim (willing or not) to join me for a ride. 

When I’ve been in the past, you could ride out to the Indian River and take your horses right down by the water. It made for great photo ops and training for your horse. There were two tracks and single file trails, a bridge or two and a nice big pile of sand to ride up and down, like a dune. 

To some that may not seem like a big deal, but this is flat land here, no hills. 

I’m actually looking forward to a trip out, now who can I get to join me?

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