Not Taking It For Granted

Water. It's something we take for granted. If you need to wash out the dog's water bowl, you dump what's in it, use fresh water to scrub it, dump it out and refill, right? Same with the horses? How about a sweaty horse after a ride? Lead them to wash rack or hose and spray them down.


What if you don’t have water? What if you have to purchase a tank, drive to another location, pay for the water, wait for an hour for the tank to fill, drive back to animals, wait 20 minutes for water to empty into trough and repeat twice more that week?  Will you take it for granted any longer?

I won’t. Not ever. I moved the animals before we had a well, electricity or city hook ups. I was under the impression it would only be for a month or two at the most, because the builders would start on the house at any time. Well, after 5 months of this hassle (because how much of a pain is it that you can’t hook up your trailer until you can get someone to help you unload the huge water tank from the back of your truck) we finally broke down and put in our own well, sans house. They have not even started on the house.  


It’s summer here in Florida, so water intake has gone up as well as the need to spray horses off.  I found myself not willing to dump half a bucket of dog water because it was too precious.  We would limit our rinsing of horses to a gallon jug of water.  It was ridiculous.

Now, I am reveling in the wonder that is running water.  Granted, I have to run a generator to get that water, but I DON’T CARE!   I have water.  I can fill up tanks, I can scrub buckets, I can hose off horses!

A project in tandem was clearing the fence line between the house lot, barn lot and existing trailer parking.  It worked out perfect because they cleared the spot for the well the same day it went in and I have a beautiful new trail to ride! I get to look at the fantastic oaks every day, no matter where I am on the property. I’m trying not to take that for granted either. My last place had a great view of the power lines.


In all of this clearing, my sweet husband saved aside and chopped the ends off of a palm tree for me to use as an obstacle.  It’s lying in the middle of the future barn lot until I find the perfect place for it.  One of my lesson girls was the first to test it during her ride last week.  

Life is good. 

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