Family, Friends and Horses!

I just love when I can get friends to join me on horseback!  It motivates you to actually get out there and do it. And to be sure your horse is truly groomed, not just saddle brushed. You know, where you actually comb through their mane and tail, no dirt in the middle of the forehead. You do more than just clean where the saddle goes.  

Well since Mom is in town, I had a baby sitter.  As it turned out, I had a LOT of baby sitters.  My husband was able to leave work early enough to join us on the ranch and my brother showed up as well.  So my parents drove their fancy new John Deere Gator around the property, pulling their little trailer.  Loaded on that trailer was my child, my nephew, Jenn’s child, my husband and my brother.  Mom held the baby on her lap while Papa drove.  They looked like a modern day version of the Beverly Hillbillies.  

Tracy, Jenn and I had ourselves a good laugh at the view.  I was sure glad they were there though, because we didn’t worry about the kids one bit and could enjoy our ride.  

Mom had been telling me about a new trail she’d found and had been clearing up.  It leads to a large pond on the property North of us.  We 3 girls and our ponies headed that direction.  We showed Tracy the newly cleared arena and then turned up the new trail.  It was obvious where Mom had been because she had mowed with her mower.  We joked though that we were going to have to get her on a horse so she knows how high to clear the branches.  There was quite a bit of ducking going on.  

From there we headed back toward the front of the property and rode through my brother’s home site.  It previously was a trail I had cleared, so I consider it fair riding game.  There is a new fence along the North side of the property so we rode it to the end, where yet another pond resides.  I pointed out to Jenn and Tracy where the logs / poles I had laid out were supposed to be, before the guys pitched them.  

My parents seem to be bent on making their land look like a scenic city park, so I happily led the way (Ok, maybe led is the wrong word, Ruby prefers not to lead) to the new grass, trimmed trees and …. new horse shoe pits!  

The weather was perfect for our ride, sunny, about 70 and a breeze.  You just couldn’t ask for a better evening all around.  Family, friends and horses, that’s what it’s all about! 

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