Little Paths, Small Clearings

Even after several months of watching it, I'm still amazed at the changes that happen on the property and how fast they do!  Little paths that I had been cutting in by hand to pass through with 1 horse are now wide open roads for vehicles. Small clearings that looked quaint are wide open arenas, parking lots and future home sites. I'm working hard to keep the "forested woods" feel, but it's hard when you have utilitarian uses that need to be taken care of. 

My parents told me today about a trail they have cleared that goes back to a big pond.  Tomorrow I fully intend to get on it via horseback!  

My most recent conquest has been the newly cleared arena area.  It is fenced with trees and the ground is what is native to most of Florida, deep, fine sand.  I love it.  I just love the feel of it.  My husband left me a few trees to ride between so we have plenty of shade, yet they don’t affect the usability of the space one bit.  

I had put in several hours on a particular trail going through the lot that is to be my brother’s home site and out to the North property line where we could ride for quite a length.  2 weeks ago they came in with bulldozer and cleared it all out.  Now we can quite easily get to the North property line, but no trail, just wide open expanse surrounded by a few trees.  I’m adjusting.  It’s a little heart wrenching to see all of your hard work disappear in minutes to a machine.  The men in my life don’t understand my feelings, they just like to see the big progress.  

I suppose I’ll just have to keep working on those obstacles.  Funny thing.  I put out several of the cut logs I had used for the ACTHA Obstacle Challenge I helped to host.  In one spot I used 6 long longs in a half wagon spoke design.  I never told anyone about it.  It seems that the guys were working out there and came across it, they thought someone had been hosting witches gatherings!  I laughed about it when I found out… until I heard that they threw the logs away?!?!?  I’m working on getting them retrieved at this time.  

The trials and tribulations of adjusting to new land…. they really aren’t that trying. 

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