Riding Horseback on the Beach!

Have you ever had the opportunity to ride on the beach? As horse people, it's something most all of us dream of at some point. Running down the white sands alongside a rolling surf, hair blowing in the wind, the smell of the sea in your nose ...

Truth of the matter is that it isn’t always like that. Sometimes you have a horse that won’t go NEAR that water, no matter what.  It is rather scary from a horse’s point of view.  Or you have a horse that gets fresh and wants to buck you off out in that open expanse of land.  

I’ve been fortunate that in my life I’ve ridden on the beach of Lake Michigan, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, besides those of several lakes, rivers and reservoirs.  I like to joke that my mare, Patti Bar, and I are probably the only team that has ridden on both coasts of the country.  

Here in Florida, we have the Canaveral National Seashores that we can ride at when it’s not turtle egg laying season.  This means mostly from November to March you can ride on the beach.  

We’ve been several times over the years, my friends and I.  We have been when it’s freezing cold and we all question why we are there and we have been when it’s 80 degrees and sunny and we swim the horses in our bikinis.  (Don’t get excited, you’ll not find me in a bikini anytime soon.)  

I haven’t decided if it’s fortunate or unfortunate that we only get a 1 mile stretch of land to have the horses on, but 1 mile gets eaten up pretty quickly.  That said, you can possibly keep riding South and encounter beach goers who may or may not be clothed.  Not saying I’ve ridden down too far by accident or anything.