Fitting In A Ride When You Can

You may have noticed in my last blog entry there was a not so flattering picture of myself on my horse. My clothes were rumpled, my hair a mess, my horse was only wearing a halter and lead rope with her saddle. I'm going to come clean here … the only reason she had a saddle on was because I'm just not as agile as I was even 4 years ago and my foot is cut off in the shot because … I'm in flip flops.

Oh my gosh! Yes. You see, that particular ride was one of the “I’m going to ride and no one is going to stop me!” Rides.  Jenn has a 4 year old son.  I have a 2 month old and a 20 month old.  The only way Jenn and I ride is to have scheduled ride times and to stick to them, no matter what! We hold each other to them. We even have a big play yard complete with sandbox to lock the kids into when we are riding. 

I am normally a promoter of safety. My 2 rules about riding are “safety first” and “have fun.” Sometimes though … yeah.

On that particular evening, it had been one of those days.  Nothing could go right at all and I was frazzled, but Jenn was going to ride, so I was too! 

I should have been ok. My husband had the toddler and the baby usually sleeps in her car seat so I can at least ride near by. That just wasn’t happening though. She wanted to be up and about, not sleeping.  It was a game of “replace the pacifier” while catching, grooming and saddling. By the time I was near bridling and getting my own boots on, I wasn’t going to ride. 

I looked at my horse, who was patiently waiting, and decided that no matter what, I was going to ride just to say I rode! So I did.  I jumped on, sans stirrups and bridle, and rode for less than 10 minutes at a walk. I did get to take Ruby over a couple of the obstacles that we’ve been starting to pull together for the trails, and she was perfect, of course. 

The point of this post is to say that even when things seem to just be against your goals, it’s worth it to fight back. After my cruddy day, I felt better just for the ride. To know that my horse was going to give me what I asked for even with little equipment on makes me a proud horsey mommy. 

I’m including in this post a picture of Jenn going over a downed tree obstacle the same night. Her horse was tacked because her child was better behaved.  

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