New Colorful Designer Dy-noTurn Boots From Classic Equine

Your favorite boots just received an upgrade. Dy-noTurn™ bell boots from Classic Equine, are now available in three new selections. These boots have been the first choice of equestrians in almost every discipline, helping protect countless horses against overreaching and clipping injuries. These trusted boots are now available in three new styles, fresh for 2015.

Dy-No Turn Boots are tested and proven to be tough, effective, and colorfast. They conform to the horse’s foot well, with just the right amount of flexibility and comfort. This is still true of the three Designer Line Patterns added to the Dy-No Turn collection! Look for “Love Letters,” “Paradise,” and “Tropics” in the Horsecity Store. These bold, bright designs offer the same protection and comfort with extra appeal. Now available in the Horsecity Store.

Classic Equine remains dedicated to providing the finest equipment available across all disciplines and levels of horsemanship. To check out the new Steel Gray and Designer Dy-No Turn designs, and see what else is new for 2015, visit