Ride Hosts Near And Far Gather At Milano

Following previous gatherings ACTHA conducted yet another weekend workshop at noted Morning Star Ranch in Milano Texas. Ride hosts from near and far gathered at this popular ride venue to learn the latest and greatest improvements to the ACTHA formats.

“It is only fitting that Morning Star was selected for this gathering. While most said they came for the peace and beauty, Rita Kay’s famous cooking had a lot to do with the record turnout. The owners will be holding their 30th ACTHA event on March 29th!” stated Carrie Scrima, attendee and a Founder of ACTHA.

Retreats are free and being held nationwide. “It’s all part of handling our growth, while maintaining the highest quality control for our members and riders. We will be continuing across the country throughout the year with retreats for ride hosts. Next will be the Sunbelt retreat, followed by the northwest and northeast sectors and finishing in the Midwest and with our large southeast contingent, then repeat” said Robin Tilghman ACTHA President.

The workshops unveil improvements and changes to seasoned hosts as well as to scores of new hosts looking to hold their first event. It’s fun but work. Many hours are spent honing in on the skills required in the vocation of this backbone function of ACTHA.

Sponsors are invited to attend and demonstrate how they can serve and be served. “It’s quite the opportunity for our sponsors new and old. “These are our crème de la crème!” states Andrew McNeill who heads up customer affairs for ACTHA.  Interested current and future sponsors should inquire at [email protected].

With more than 2,000 ride events (already over 600 have been held or booked for calendar 2015…) these workshop/retreats are paramount for ACTHA’s continued success.

The American Competitive Trail Horse Association, a Not for Profit Corporation

Now in their 8th year …you are invited to learn more about ACTHA at www.actha.us

Sponsor enquiries warmly welcomed at [email protected] or call 877-99-ACTHA.

The Mission

·      To create an enjoyable venue showcasing the wonderful attributes of the great American trail horse and granting them the recognition they so richly


·      To create a registry open to all breeds and a point designation system which will stay with each horse for its lifetime, thereby adding to their value and


·      To create and enable humane treatment and employment options for horses in need.