USTRC Presents the Patriot in Cowtown!

Rope the Ozarks and Kevin Hall are excited to announce The Patriot event to be held in Fort Worth, Texas between The American Semi Finals and The American.  Hall and his wife Andrea will be hosting the event at the Will Rogers Coliseum and the Fairgrounds in Fort Worth, and the event will feature team roping, barrel racing and mounted shooting

"Most of us are not going to get to compete on the floor of Cowboys Stadium or Thomas and Mack, so this gives us the opportunity to tie-in and let the non-professional ropers be involved with the world's richest one day rodeo," said Hall. 
The event will begin on February 23rd and end up on February 28th. 
"Not only is this the greatest rodeo platform, this is also the greatest cowboy town in the country. Fort Worth is like no other place in the country, where you can stroll down those wooden plank walkways and feel like you're still in the 1880's and at any moment a gunfight will happen," said Hall. 
Hall is a USTRC producer and is affiliating the event through the United States Team Roping Championships. The team roping will be held through four days of The Patriot and will be limited to 150 teams per division.  Teams will compete for an estimated $1.4 Million in cash money. There will be a #12, #11, #10 and #9 at the event. The entry fees will be $1000 per roper and ropers can enter 2 times.  It will be three full rounds and a short round. All entrants must be 21 years old or older .  There will also be an American Young Guns Championships. In this roping entrants must be under the age of 21. There will be a #12 Division and an Open Division.  The entry fees will be $250 per roper and ropers can enter two times. These two ropings will be limited to the first 200 entered teams. One of the showcase team roping events will be the Open to the World, Patriot Open.  This will feature the top team ropers competing against each other. It is $1000 per roper and limited to the first 100 teams. The team roping event is affiliated with USTRC and so only TRIAD numbers will be used. Team roping entrants must have a 2015 USTRC Memberships or a 2015 WSTR membership.
The event will also feature a trade show that will be associated with The American.  The trade show will take place in Exposition Center and will be coordinated by Group W Productions. The event is also geared toward giving back to those that support the western way of life. The event will feature a celebrity mounted shooting with the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project. 
"What we feel is missing in this industry is the support to give back to the people we feel deserve the support," said Hall. "That's why we named the event The Patriot and became involved with The Wounded Warriors Project, because we feel it is our duty, as cowboys and cowgirls, to give back to the people we feel have given so much to us." 
Hall and his crew are excited to bring this event to life and to be a part of America's richest combined equine event. It is a cowboy celebration with The American as the Grand Finale.