Would You Like A Part Time Vocation In The Horse Industry?

Work at home near your barn. Have time to continue your own riding. Earn up to $20-$30 per hour. Help horses in need. Help charities.

Hosting ACTHA events in your area requires local networking, access to 6 miles of trail OR an arena or field, with parking for 15-30 rigs.  Events may be held in public parks where horses are permitted, on your own property, or anywhere you have permission.

ACTHA Ride Hosts are provided training inspired by thousands of events and two of the nations most prolific event organizers. You’ll have a personal support team available to you12 hours per day, 7 days per week.

In addition, you will have exclusive access to an easy-to-use software system tailored specifically to your ride. This system will give you exact counts on ride sign ups, who wants stalls, meals or any of your chosen ride amenities. All in REAL TIME! No guess work and all at your finger tips 24/7.

You’ll  have access to the powerful ACTHA database of trail riders across the US and Canada. Literally hundreds of thousands of horse people!  Riders are begging for ACTHA events close to them. Will yours be next?

If you like to see entire families grin ear to ear while riding at their own pace CLICK HERE to apply. Become an ACTHA Ride Host and join more than 1,000 other hosts across our continent enjoying the lifestyle and vocation of an ACTHA Ride Host.

New to ACTHA?  Learn all about the association by watching the video below. Hear from nationally renowned equestrians Linda Parelli, Monty Roberts, Guy McClean and many more!