The Hottest New Wrapper

Arguably the most versatile piece of equipment in your tack room is the polo wrap. Used for various reasons and applications, your polo wraps also make a statement about you and your horse.


Classic Equine is unveiling four new design/color combinations for fall 2014, sure to make your horse’s legs stand out. Everybody’s new favorite “Color Block” design will now be available in Coral/Teal. The ever-popular “Dots” pattern now comes in Chocolate/Lime. The “Lace” pattern is rocking a cool Fuchsia/Blue color scheme, while we introduce a groovy new “Retro” design in classic Purple and White. 

The new polo wraps are now available, so be sure to get to the Store to get yours!

Classic Equine remains dedicated to providing the finest equipment available across all disciplines and levels of horsemanship. To check out the new polo wraps, visit