Golden Reins Devotes Championship to Maximiliano Conceição

A large audience was in the stands of Querência Equestrian Centre in Porto Alegre, Brazil, to watch on this saturday night, September 27, the professional final of the second edition of Golden Reins, sponsored by the Brazilian Association of Crioulo Horse Breeders (ABCCC in portuguese). 

Who was at the place, accompanied the consecration of the both Maximiliano Conceição and F5 Licurgo Tapajós as big winners, winning the championship after reaching a score of 224 points.
In second place was Duque do Caajara, ridden by Gilson Vendrame, while the third place of the podium was figured by Roberto Jou, who rode Así no Más do Purunã. Thrilled, Conceição celebrated the new achievement in the competition. Also reminded of the evolution and improvement of the horse compared to last year. He said the "blonde" as he calls F5 Licurgo Tapajós, is the horse of  his life. "It's almost an inexplicable feeling. Have no words to describe this. Any rider has the horse of his life and the 'blondie', from the first moment I rode him when he was a foal, I felt that it was the horse my life. Doing a competition like this we feel that the horse is waiting for any command, any move is a fantastic moment", accentuated him, adding that he will look for the third consecutive victory in the 2015 edition.
To the judge Hiram Resende, which evaluated the competition with Nelson Rodrigues and Cristiano Jayme, F5 Licurgo Tapajós is a different horse even for being considered one of the best animals of  reins in Brazil. About the event, highlighted the excellent technical level of competitors who gave a show on the course. "I was amazed with what I saw from the classificatory that had a great technical level. But the end surprised me a lot. Crioulo breed has evolved each year, appearing differentiated horses with more subtle movements as this mode requires. Crioulo also is growing every year and showing good genetics, he said. 
F5 Licurgo Tapajós proved on Sunday that deserves the title of distinguished horse of reins. This time ridden by Jonathan Marca dos Santos, was also the winner in the Amateur category, repeating the same 224 points from the previous night. To Gilvane Terezinha Marca dos Santos, owner of Marca dos Santos, of Viamão, the results are due to investments in training and working with the reins that are being done by her breeding. "It's a different horse and today is the best Crioulo reins horse of Brazil. We have had already success on the Open category, which we brought seven animals and all of them went to the final. Our entire team may be congratulated”. 
The president of ABCCC, Mauro Ferreira, said the Crioulo breed results in the  reins course demonstrates the work of selecting that the entity has developed over the years. "This is the confirmation that this selection guided by ABCCC decade after decade has resulted in a very competitive horse in all segments of the horse saddle. And Crioulo’s ability for reins only reaffirms it year after year. We are grateful to the contestants and the judges who made this event a success and we imagine that this is the beginning of a process. We are pleased with the event but always thinking about what can improve and further enhance the participation of Crioulo in the reins. 
In Foal Future Open category, the winner was Pampeiro dos Três Pinhais, ridden by Rodrigo Nieves. Also were winners over the weekend the Amazon Juliana Azevedo Osorio, which won the Foal Future of Amateur category riding Rusga do Trinta e Oito. In the Beginner category the winner was Danilo Rodrigues dos Santos riding Favorito II do Cerro Agudo. In the new year, the Snaffle Bit category for animals up to three years equestrian, held on Saturday morning, the title was split between Huracan do Capão Redondo, ridden by Rodrigo Nieves, and Sol de Maio do Trinta e Oito, ridden by Antonio Correa.
Photos: Fagner Almeida/ABCCC