Save Space Without Sacrifice: The Single Drink UltraFount is Compact & Convenient.

You can lead a horse to water, but Classic Equine, by Ritchie makes them drink. The UltraFount has taken its place as the premier automatic watering solution for horse owners. 

Its stainless steel drink lends a premium quality to its already attractive granite design while adding years of service. Its ten-year warranty is the best available anywhere. The self-regulating heating system is efficient and effective, making it the perfect solution in any climate.

Now, the premium options included with the UltraFount are available in a more compact design, saving space and adding convenience for those needing to water fewer than 20 head. The single-drink design conserves space and frees up room in the pen. All features that are available on the original UltraFount are standard on the Single Drink model. Horse owners in cold climates will appreciate its fully insulated design and available frost protection. All horse owners will enjoy easier cleaning, saving time and money from the very first day. 

To see the new Single Drink UltraFount, or to find the automatic watering solution that is right for you, visit today!