Kristin Hardin Is a Double Winner in SSG Gloves Promotion

Petaluma, California – Kristin Hardin won not one, but two $500 bonuses as part of the SSG Gloves “Roar for More” promotion during the HMI June Classic at Sonoma Horse Park in Petaluma, California.

The $5,000 1.30m Full Circle Farm Open Jumper Classic and the $5,000 1.20m Back On Track Open Jumper Classic were both designated classes in the SSG Gloves promotion, and Hardin won both of them. 

A total of 20 horses advanced to the jump-off in Thursday’s $5,000 1.30m Full Circle Farm Open Jumper Classic, but none could match the speed and agility of Hardin riding Bert.  Back in May at the Sonoma Horse Park, the pair had claimed the $25,000 Equine Insurance Grand Prix to give Hardin her first $500 SSG bonus of the season.

Hardin wasn’t done winning just yet at the HMI June Classic.  Come Sunday, she was back in the winner’s circle following a 13-horse jump-off in the $5,000 1.20m Back On Track Open Jumper Classic.  This time, her mount was the speedy little mare, Elle.  As Hardin was wearing her SSG ‘Digital’ style riding gloves yet again, she was awarded another $500 bonus in recognition of her loyalty to the Canadian manufacturer.

“These gloves are my lucky charm!” said Hardin of New Cuyama, CA, who has earned a total of $1,500 in bonus money so far this season.  “They are now the only gloves that I own.  Thank you to SSG for making this a great season for me so far!”

Ruth Foley emerged victorious in the $2,500 1.30m Winston Apparel Junior/Amateur-Owner Classic riding the grey Holsteiner, Castello.  As she was wearing SSG ‘Digitals’ on her way to victory, she was awarded a $500 bonus.

“SSG ‘Digitals’ are super comfortable, and I never have to take them off to answer my phone or to call someone,” said Foley, who trains with Macella O’Neill of Diamond Mountain Stables and plans to put her bonus money towards buying more SSG riding gloves and paying off her horse show bills.  “I think the gloves hold up much better than other brands, too.  Thank you so much to SSG Gloves for a great bonus program; it is the best!”

The final winner in the SSG Gloves “Roar for More” promotion during the HMI June Classic was Allison Tussey.  With a lightning fast jump-off performance, she topped a 23-horse starting field riding the Holsteiner mare Coccinelle to win the $2,500 1.10m Children’s/Adult Amateur Classic.  For wearing SSG ‘Digitals’ on her way to victory, Tussey was awarded a $500 bonus.

“I have been trying to win a SSG bonus for two years now; I can’t believe I finally got one!” said an elated Tussey.  Now in its third year of partnership with the Sonoma Horse Park, SSG Gloves is offering a total of $12,000 in bonus money to competitors through its “Roar for More” promotion during the 2014 show season.

“They fit incredibly well, are fairly priced, and last forever,” said Tussey, who plans to put her SSG Gloves bonus money towards a new bridle for Coccinelle.  “I will never wear anything else now that I’ve won; it’s SSG ‘Digitals’ all the time from now on.  It took me two years, but I will be back for more!”

Designed to reward competitors for their loyalty to the SSG Gloves brand, the SSG Gloves ‘Roar for More’ promotion sees four different classes selected as eligible events at each horse show, with a $500 bonus on offer to each of the winning riders if they are wearing SSG ‘Digital’ style riding gloves with the horse head logo clearly visible in all rounds of competition.

The following events are still to come in the 2014 SSG Gloves ‘Roar for More’ promotion at Sonoma Horse Park:

HMI Equestrian Classic I – July 22 – 27, 2014

Strides & Tides – September 10 – 14, 2014

SHP Season Finale – September 17 – 21, 2014

SSG Riding Gloves are available for purchase on-site at Sonoma Horse Park at Golden State Tack and The Equestrian’s Concierge.

For more information on the SSG Gloves promotion, please visit or contact program manager Jennifer Ward of Starting Gate Communications at

For more information on Sonoma Horse Park and its competitions, please visit Sonoma Horse Park or contact Sally Hudson at 831.594.1719.

Photo by Deb Dawson Photography