Congratulations: 2014 NRHA Derby Show Champions – Vol. I

Oklahoma City, Okla. – June 23, 2014 – By Christa Morris –  The 2014 National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Derby  show not only hosts one of the most lucrative reining aged events in the world, but it also provides two slates of NRHA classes for all levels of riders and horses.

NRHA congratulates these ancillary class winners who marked the highest score in their classes! Stay tuned for more updates as the show nears its end on June 28. The most up-to-date results can be found at

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Novice Horse Open Level 1 (Show #1) and Novice Horse Open Level 2 (Show #1) (tie)
SDP A Lasting Step / Sam J Smith, rider / Russ Mothershead, owner
Non Pro (Show #1)
Sparkling Major / Jessicah Torpey, rider / Torpey Performance Horses, owner
Green Reiner 1 (Show #1 and Show #2)
Pepto Shiney Chex / Judith Brolick, rider and owner
Intermediate Non Pro (Show #1)
Chex From Tinseltown / Deborah J Ordner, rider / David J Silva, Sr., owner
Novice Horse Non Pro Level 1 (Show #1) (After a run-off)
Mega Starlet / Lindsey K McCutcheon, rider / Kathleen & Scott McCutcheon, owners
Novice Horse Non Pro Level 1 (Show #2)
Shiners Rey Pistol / Brianna N Sloan, rider and owner
Limited Non Pro (Show #2)
Starbucks Shadow / Dani Latimer, rider and owner
Youth 14-18 (Show #1)
Mr Crometastic / Savannah Grace Ostner, rider and owner
Novice Horse Open 2 (Show #1) (tie)
PS A Whizzen Chic / Shawn W Flarida, rider / Patsy Shelton Schutz, owner
Prime Time Non Pro (Show #1)
Trashy Chic Dreams / Lisa Bissell, rider and owner
Green Reiner 2 (Show #1)
Smugglin Diamonds / Rae C Stambuk, rider / ECRC Ranch LLC, owner
Limited Non Pro (Show #1)
Spook Goes Hollywood / Paris R Elton, rider and owner
Novice Horse Non Pro Level 2 (Show #1)
SLJ Ruf Like Juice / Kyndall Harper, rider / JB Burney, owner
Novice Horse Non Pro 2 (Show #2)
Hickorys Baylite / Karen E Shedlauskas, rider and owner
Youth 13 & Under and Unrestricted Youth (Show #1)
Peppy As Einstein / Kaylee L Naylor, rider / Top Fuel, LLC, owner
Green Reiner 2 (Show #2)
Commanders Whiz Chic / Bruce Koefoot, rider and owner