American Competitive Trail Horse Association “Casual Competition, Serious Fun”

ACTHA's Competitive Year 2013/2014 Closes With Cavallo Horse and Rider's $10,000 Pay Out, Tucker Saddles, Championship Jackets, Ovation Helmets, More Saddles, Best Junior Buckle Ever, and Championship Buckles From Molly's Custom Silver That Larry Mahan Would Be Proud to wear. We asked him!

*Best of all $95,657 raised for charity*

What a year! The winners in many divisions could not be computed until the final event of the year on 5/31/14. The very last day of the ACTHA competitive season annually! We've never had it this close. Fractions of points separated so many!

But in the end yet another spine tingling year end race, two National Champions emerged splitting the Cavallo World Series $10,000 pot! $7,000 to the open winner and $3,000 to the pleasure winner. Second place in the nationals received an ACTHA Lifetime Membership for their sportsmanship and incredibly close finishes.

It was noted throughout the year that the Cavallo Boot has become the foot wear of choice. Many if not most competed barefoot in their Cavallo boots and demonstrated the boot’s toughness and ease of use. But most of all the fact that Cavallo Boots stay on better than any-other, yet are so easy to take off and put on.

"ACTHA's top contenders competed in close to 100 events each to win this coveted Cash Prize" states Kim Forbes, Director of Member Awards for ACTHA. "I have had the pleasure of overseeing the National Champion chase for the generous $10,000 cash award and all of our state awards and junior awards not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of medal awards that many of our members received during the year.

Combined with the ACTHA Bucks redeemable for merchandise at our scores of our generous sponsors allowing the purchases of wonderful things…in total I’ve had the honor of administering well over a million dollars in gifts and prizes…FOR HAVING FUN TRAIL RIDING with friends and family! I may have the most fun job in the horse industry! While we at ACTHA place a very low emphasis on the casual competitive aspect of our association and registry it's fun to see our members, young and senior receive acknowledgement for their improvements. I personally just love the medals…everyone can win medals, and they're really cool thanks to our sponsors. See them here! Greatest sponsors in the world! "

So how can ACTHA and their sponsors top the 2013/2014 season awards?! “It’s not easy,” says Robin Tilghman Chief Operating Officer. “But how's this for starters? TWO expense paid trips to AUSTRALIA, air and hotel included plus tickets to EQUITANA 2015. How cool is that!? And ANY MEMBER or RIDE HOST CAN WIN! Each winner has their own individual hotel room so a friend can come with for just airfare!

Of course our inspirational medals program continue to thrive with new and more being the theme. But ACTHA does indeed have a degree of competition for those that want to rise to the challenge. So what will our national champions for 2014/2015 season receive?

NEW TRUCKS.  Diesel for open winner and gas for pleasure. For their reigning year as champions they will ride in style in their ACTHA skinned trucks. We’re going to have to work hard to top that in 2016! "Casual Competition…Serious Fun" indeed Mrs. Tilghman concludes.

Oh….what about our Juniors you might ask? Best prize we know of…JUNIORS RECEIVE FREE ACTHA MEMBERSHIPS FROM NOW ON.

We hereby honor our national champions for the 2013/2014 season.



Nancy Slater on Shaman $7,000 and a championship saddle from Tucker Saddlery And a Knock Dead Great Championship Buckle From Molly’s Custom Silver.

Runner up Sandra Walker on Goghsmokem- Lifetime Membership

A stone’s throw back Stephen Gregory on Billy!



Kim Pundai on Lex $3,000 and a championship saddle from Tucker Saddlery

Runner up Roberta Coddington on Blondie-Lifetime Membership

A stone’s throw back Jan Garvin on Peponitas Shot Gun



Jade Walker on Lady TX-THE FINEST BUCKLE IN THE LAND wear it proudly Jade you deserve it.

Buckle donated by Cavallo Horse and Rider with Cooperation from Molly’s Custom Silver.

We finish our 2013/2014 season by honoring our state champions. So many stories and so many good times….



Danielle Cain Beauty Open AL
Sarah Gulledge Rally Pleasure AL
Mara Thomas Cherokee Pleasure AR
Randy Gassett Sunrise Smokey Bear Open AZ
Kathy Luker Elvis Pleasure AZ
Kristin Hicks Gidget Pleasure CA
Peggy Johnson Elmo Open CA
Anna Gay Catman Open FL
Jan Garvin Peponitas Shot Gun Pleasure FL
Destyn Ludke Punkin Junior FL
Jan Poland Blend Open GA
Thea Partin Casper Pleasure GA
Kiley Merritt Rain Junior GA
Dolly Pierson Heart Open IL
Denise Frey SALLY Pleasure IL
Diane Denny BUCKY Open IN
Allison Slaughter STORMY Renee Junior IN
Jessica Field Taz Pleasure IN
Sherri Cali Dawn’s Jayhawk Open KS
Erika Tanney Delilah Pleasure KS
Wendy Montgomery Rocky Pleasure KY
Kathy Jackson Jenna Open KY
Sandra Walker Goghsmokem Open LA
Kathryn Hartline Punky Pleasure LA
Elizabeth Kadar Star Open MO
Stephanie Bird Ebony Pleasure MO
Laura Miller TS Shaggin on Sundae Open MO
Starr Cathers Sandy Pleasure NC
Marcia Schick Junior Open NM
Barbara Callihan Chunky Monkey Pleasure NV
Gloria Strong-Bovee Vegas Gigolo Open NV
Glenn Hall Vicki Pleasure NY
Stephen Oetzel Rambo Pleasure OH
Catherine Shanaway Fire Open OK
Dagmar Hardy Kis Gold Medal Pleasure OK
Neva Parker Tally Open OR
Brenda Coats Larry Pleasure OR
Juanita Ardis Chic Pleasure SC
Kristen Nice Capone Open SC
Marsha Howard Pepper Open TN
Babs Steele Bo Pleasure TN
Suzie Baker Cinnadocs Cowboy Open TX
Roberta Coddington Blondie Pleasure TX
Josie Cordova Diamond Junior TX
Stephen Gregory Billy Open VA
Beth Strom Smoke Pleasure VA
Nancy Cox Captain Open WA
Judy Jackson Socks Pleasure WA
Jennifer Reed Pumpkin Pleasure WV
Laura Plumely Johnny B Good Open WV
ACTHA would like to pay a very special thank you to the incredible 112 sponsors, supporting publications, associations and breed organizations as well as the thousands and thousands of volunteers. And of course the greatest members in the world!

“Casual Competition…Serious Fun!”



"To create an enjoyable venue showcasing the wonderful attributes of the great American trail horse and granting them the recognition they so richly deserve.  To create a registry open to all breeds and a point designation system which will stay with each horse for its lifetime, thereby adding to their value and distinction.  To create and enable humane treatment and employment options for horses in need."