National Trail Horse Assoc. Presents “Money Trail” Show Series

Wow! Here’s some unique and innovative thinking that makes “horse showing” fun for all and competitive once again: simply focus on benefits for exhibitors and horses instead of management profits and convenience.

The newly formed National Trail Horse Association (NTHA) ( has flipped-flopped “traditional horse show thinking”, all for the enjoyment of those who love to compete, win and profit.

The NTHA is establishing a national series of shows called the “Money Trail” where exhibitors of any breed of horse will compete for “pay-back money” based on “tiers with-in the class” so even a 6th or 20th place horse can win and earn money,” says Ken McCall, executive director of the association.

Yes, it looks like the horse and the exhibitor are finally going to come first.  NTHA “Money Trail” classes will be held in conjunction with other breed shows and events.  The focus will always be on providing a challenging course for horses of all levels, increasing the number of entries and offering a chance of substantial financial rewards,” says McCall.

While the shows may be held in conjunction with other “breed” shows, the “money trail” classes will be open to all breeds (over the age of 3).

In addition to the immediate benefit of financial reward there will be a variety of classes offered on the same day.   Classes may include open to everyone regardless of age, timed events, such as Gambler’s Choice and individual rider restrictions. This means a NTHA rider could participate in a number of Money Trail classes on a single day.

A minimum of 80% of all entry fees and all “added money” are required to be paid out, unless otherwise approved in advance.  The payout must be based on a three tier or four tier class. The payout shall be split evenly among all tiers.  A rider may ride as many horses as he or she wants, but a horse may only participate once in an individual class. 

"Tiers for classes will be divided base on number of entries,"" said McCall.  With enough entries money trail will pay back substantial rewards to tier winners. For example, if there is only one tier (up to 50 riders) the tier winner could easily earn as much as $733.00 – based on entry fees of $40.00.

Show managers or breed associations that would like to participate may contact Cathy Hanson Quarter Horses, 1646 Little Gopher Canyon Rd., Vista, CA 92084; [email protected] for complete rule books and tier divisions with money rewards.

All AQHA rules applicable to trail shall govern NTHA events unless otherwise specifically provided for Money Trail.  These include course design, scoring, judging, tack, dress code and drug rules.

The inaugural NTHA event is scheduled in conjunction with the Southern Quarter Horse Exhibitors Association ( Double Feature show at Del Mar Horsepark in Del Mar, California, April 9-13, 2014.  For full details contact Ken McCall at [email protected] or visit

Let’s have fun again while meeting new challenges and getting paid to do it.

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