Adjust Your Correction

Looking at horses of all disciplines, there are a few universal characteristics that riders must take into account when saddling. Many horses have conformation that is difficult to adapt to for a number of reasons. These are often referred to as “high-withered” or “narrow-shouldered.” Commonly, the end result can be a “downhill” saddle, sometimes causing the saddle to collapse on the spine at the withers. Classic Equine created the BioFit Correction Pad to help raise the front of the saddle up to a more level position.

BioFit Pads feature a buildup just behind the scapula which helps fill this void of missing muscle mass. While the original BioFit has been used successfully by countless riders across almost all disciplines, many horsemen may ride several different horses in a day, with each of these horses requiring a different level of correction. When faced with these two problems, it became clear that an adjustable solution was necessary. This led to the inception of the BioFit Shim Pad.

The BioFit Shim Pad, by Classic Equine features a built-in wedge-shaped foam insert to be positioned just under the swells. This performs the function of raising the saddle and filling the void behind the shoulder, with added flexibility. To adjust for different needs, simply slide the pad forward for less correction, or slide back for more. This allows you to ride multiple horses with the same saddle and pad, or to adjust over time as the horse’s conformation changes. 

Classic Equine has earned a reputation for providing innovative solutions to problems common to all horses and riders across many disciplines. They start with top quality materials, and end with top quality finished products. For more information about the BioFit Shim Pad, or to see their full line of equipment, visit