Electric Hoof Trimmer Gets New Brand and Design

The Merlin Hoof Trimming Tool has been rebranded the Electric Hoof Knife and has undergone a redesign to make it more durable and effective for use in the hoof care industry. On sale April 2014, the new model’s upgrades are the direct result of Allen DeWolf, President of DeWolf & Associates, LLC, listening to eight years of customer suggestions and feedback.

Internally, the new Electric Hoof Knife utilizes spiral-bevel gears which are stronger, operate more quietly and efficiently, and produce less vibration than its predecessor. Through the addition of a powerful, high-capacity fan and extra air vents on both the neck and bottom of the Electric Hoof Knife, the new model stays cooler and works harder, so it can run for longer periods of time.

The new model runs off of a fixed-speed motor that rotates effortlessly at 13,000 RPMs, which has been determined the optimal speed for hoof trimming. The updated circuit board and electrical components are made from eco-friendly materials and are RoHS compliant.

On the outside, the Electric Hoof Knife now comes with a one piece cast aluminum safety guard, created to be more durable and to better protect the operator from flying debris. A newly designed switch guard significantly reduces accidental starting of the tool, and more resilient materials make the Electric Hoof Knife less susceptible to damage. The new lightweight exterior and grittier texture provide comfort and control, so users can trim longer with less hand and wrist fatigue.

With improved efficiency in mind, the Electric Hoof Knife’s internal and external updates combine to deliver a superior trimming experience. Inspired by those who use it, the new tool’s features will make trimming easier and quicker for horse owners.

“It was really important to us while going through the redesign process that we listen to all of our customer feedback and create a tool that was made for them and caters to their specific hoof trimming needs.” says DeWolf. “We’ve had farriers and horse owners across the US and worldwide using this tool for almost a decade and we’ve listened to all of their comments. I think this version of the Electric Hoof Knife is really going to be a game changer in the hoof trimming industry.”

The Electric Hoof Knife and its discs duplicate the actions of a hoof knife, rasp and nippers and can be used for nearly all hoof care tasks. Each Equine set comes with two patented trimming discs. The first is the four-tooth chainsaw disc with tungsten-carbide-coated teeth, used to precisely remove hoof material in eggshell-thin slivers. The second is the power rasp disc, used to put an extra-fine finish on hooves after trimming with the chainsaw disc. The set also includes a diamond-coated chainsaw file, a carrying case, safety glasses and a tail tie.

Weighing 1.3 pounds and measuring 11.5 inches long, this lightweight tool can trim through the driest and toughest hooves in seconds without requiring the physical exertion and strain normally associated with traditional hand tools. It is especially useful for those who suffer from joint and muscular ailments or women who find traditional tools too cumbersome.

“Anyone with a steady hand can use this tool.  The first time I used it I trimmed all four of my horse’s hooves in under 15 minutes,” says horse owner Marjie Zimmerman. “It just glides across the hoof. I am 60 years old with a bad back and this tool changed everything for me- my nippers and rasp will grow cobwebs!"

Thousands of customers have experienced the benefits of the Electric Hoof Knife and the tool has been used to trim horses, cattle, goats, sheep, hogs and even giraffes. One of the main reasons for the tool’s success is its ease of use. While there is a brief learning curve, most people get a feel for the tool quickly and many say they will never go back to using a regular hoof knife. Many customers find that, because the tool allows for such quick and effortless trims, they are trimming more often and their horse’s hooves are becoming healthier.

People who have limited access to electrical power can easily run the Electric Hoof Knife off of a generator or an automobile’s DC/AC power converter, so the tool is accessible anywhere, anytime.

For more information, or to watch videos of the Electric Hoof Knife in action, visit www.ElectricHoofKnife.com or call 877-320-8203.