American Horsewoman’s Challenge

NWNHC Productions has announced the first national competition to crown the top all-around women horse trainers in the United States and Canada. The American Horsewoman’s Challenge is a six-month contest to train a young horse for a cross-discipline competition to be held in  October of 2014 in Oklahoma City. The competition combines the equestrian skills of Dressage, Ranch/Trail Versatility and Liberty. The top ten finishers split a purse worth $28,000.

“Eighty-five percent of horse owners are women, but too often they are not recognized for the contribution they make to training America’s pleasure horses,” said Jim “Hutch” Hutchins, event producer. “This competition highlights the cross-discipline interests of many American horsewomen and the skills necessary to create a well-rounded equine partner.”

The competition is open to any horsewoman, based in the United States, who believes she has talent and wants to prove her skills on a national stage. The first 500 entrants will be required to submit a 10-minute video showing their skills in Cowboy Dressage TM, Ranch/Trail Versatility and Liberty. The videos will be reviewed and scored by a panel of judges who will choose the top fifty competitors. Those competitors will be invited to select whatever breed of horse they like, train it, and join in the Finals.

The Top 50 will have up to six months to train a “green broke” horse between the age of three and six years old at the time of the Finals. Each competitor will be asked to demonstrate their and their horse’s skill over three days in three different events. The Challenge Finals will culminate, with an exciting Freestyle event demonstrating the horse-human partnership, lightness, music interpretation and creativity. A panel of celebrity judges will critique and score the freestyle performances in front of the live audience.

Fans of each competitor can follow their favorite trainer’s challenges and progress, throughout the training process, on social media and personal blogs. Plans also call for a Webcast of the Finals event for those who cannot get away from family or job obligations.

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