What You Must Know When Feeding Genetically Modified Commercial Feed to Your Horse

Every day we are bombarded with the detrimental effects of chemicals in our food and in the products we put on our bodies. We do what we can not to consume these products but let’s be honest, living a completely organic lifestyle is expensive and can be cost prohibitive for most of us. However, if we only partially change the food we consume and products we use, we will improve our lives and we can do the same for our horses.

Those changes, although they may be small can have a profound impact. They can make a massive difference in the health of our horses and the chemical exposure that confronts them day after day.

As humans, we have choices in the products we use and the foods we consume. Our horses do not have that capability; we need to make those informed healthy choices for them.

We can no longer hide our heads in the sand on this topic. For years we’ve been reading studies and scientific journals about the damaging effects of GMOs and associated herbicides. One of these toxic culprits is called glyphosate.

Glyphosate based herbicides are also private labeled and marketed by over 150 companies worldwide under various brand names. Since glyphosate is used on 75-95% of corn, soybeans, sugar beets, and alfalfa grown in this country, it is impossible to avoid the residue of this dangerous herbicide in your horse’s feed and in our food human chain.

There is overwhelming worldwide documented research data confirming the deleterious effects of glyphosate on soil, plants, bacteria, animals, and humans. It’s easy to find the data by searching the web for glyphosate and you will uncover a host of shocking information on its dangers.

Via this link you can also go to the National Library of Medicine’s citation database MEDLINE. There you will find that glyphosate-based agri-chemicals have now been connected to some 40 different health conditions, including Parkinson’s, Leukemia and others. To read more on these disturbing facts go to http://www.greenmedinfo.com/toxic-ingredient/glyphosate-formulations.

The bottom line here is that when a glyphosate contaminated plant is digested, the glyphosate in the plant is released into the horses gut and ties up (chelates) vital minerals necessary to the horse’s health.

This can cause Gastro-Intestinal (GI) problems, lameness, stiffness, lethargy, weight loss, and diarrhea. It can also cause and present itself as a whole host of other symptoms seen as Lyme Disease, Cushing’s, Vaccinosis and much more. So, the goal is to protect the horse from the negative effects of glyphosate found in your horse’s feed and also alleviate the toxic effects of formaldehyde, which is the major end product of glyphosate degradation.

Once again, it would be nice if we could all feed our horses only organic feeds, but this would be much more expensive and not available to everyone. Instead, StemPhase has developed a simple and very affordable solution to the dangers of glyphosate.

The simple solution is to add two organic, natural and GMO FREE supplements to your horse’s present diet. If you love the commercial feed you are feeding your horse, you can continue, but by simply adding two supplements – DTX Formula and micronutrient Plus it will revitalize your horse’s gut health. What these two products do is unlock the intestinal gridlock caused by glyphosate in your current feed, and thereby allow access to the vital nutrients your horse needs.