Revolutionizing Youth Record-Keeping

The American Quarter Horse Association and American Quarter Horse Youth Association will make a big announcement at 11 a.m. CST on February 3 via live Web stream at Mark your calendar to be sure you are among the first to know about exciting news that will positively affect the youth of our industry.

This announcement will answer the industry's concerns about offering affordable and inclusive ways for youth to record their horse activity – regardless of breed, type of involvement or digital device.

Stay tuned to for the big announcement at 11 a.m. CST on February 3.

AQHA and a group of advisers comprising the American Youth Horse Council, Certified Horsemanship Association, United States Pony Club and members of extension equine specialists have been working together since early 2012 reviewing research, raising funds and targeting necessary age-appropriate markets to make the horse and horse activities more available, accessible and affordable to today's fast-paced and digital family lifestyle.