2013 VRC Scholarships Awarded by NRHyA

The Varsity Reining Club (VRC) is an online program offered by the National Reining Horse Youth Association (NRHyA) that rewards youth for their involvement outside of the show arena. The VRC awarded 13 scholarships for 2013 totaling $5,000. Megan D’Andrea and Ally Jones received special recognition as “Youths of the Year” for earning the most points in their respective age groups.

Youth members were awarded points based off their submissions of activities in four main categories: philanthropy, creativity, publicity, and academics. Subcategories defined each submission and included things such as photography, community service, report back, and fundraising. Find out how you can join at varsityreining.com.

Varsity Youth – 14 to 18-year-old as of Jan. 1, 2013

The title of Varsity Youth of the Year was earned by Megan D’Andrea who earned a total of 11,940 points for the year. The majority of these points came from Megan’s community service submission but included others such as photography and fundraising.  D’Andrea, 15, is from Fowler, Ohio and enjoys spending time with her horse, Peppermint.

Amy Stoney, 16, from McClave, Colo., placed second by finishing the year with a total point balance of 5,096 points.

Jordan Scott, 14, from Bluff City, Tenn., placed third with a total point balance of 1,950 points.

Holly Lansidel, 14, from Mc Kenna, Wash., placed fourth with a total point balance of 1,705 points

Shaelyn Vering, 15, from Scribner, Neb., placed fifth with a total point balance of 1,160 points.

Abigail Geedy, 18, from Wellsville, Pa., placed sixth with a total point balance of 1,125 points.

Bailey Walters, 16, from Bourbon, Ind., placed seventh with a total point balance of 966 points.

Georgia Parr, 15, from Partlow, Va., placed eighth with a total point balance of 870 points.

Junior Varsity Youth – 13 and under as of Jan. 1, 2013

The title of Junior Varsity of the Year went to Ally Jones, who earned a total of 746 points this year. Ally had many different submissions including fundraising and photography. Jones, 11, is from Franklin, KY.

Sidney Perdue, 11, from Granbury, Texas, placed second with 600 total points.

Lane Wagoner, 13, from Idaho Fall, Idaho, placed third with 540 total points.

Reed Harris, 9, from Forrest City, Ark., placed fourth 290 total points.

Taylor Masson, 12, from Davie, Fl., placed fifth with 265 total points

For more information on the National Reining Horse Youth Association, please visit nrhya.com, find NRHyA on Facebook or contact (405) 946-7400 and [email protected].