Winner Announced for Crown Nutrition Sweepstakes

We are happy to announce that Molly Flanigan, of Appleton, Wisconsin, was randomly selected as the winner of the Crown Nutrition Sweepstakes!

Molly will receive 1 ton of free feed from Triple Crown Nutrition. Molly was very excited when we told her she had won, and she told, “I have been in love with horses since I can remember.”

Molly owns two horses that she boards at the Snowy River Ranch stables, and she will be sharing her winnings with the barn!

Her two horses are CC and Jacksen. CC is an Appaloosa Appendix Quarter Horse. CC is Molly’s first horse, and she has had the mare for two years. CC is a rescue horse who is 16 years old. Her other horse is Jacksen. He is a Pinto and is also a rescue horse. He is 16 1/2.

Molly has spent the last several years competing in dressage and hopes to try jumping this summer.

Congratulations to Molly, and many thanks to our sponsor and supplier of the great prize, Triple Crown Nutrition. Be sure to go check out all their great products for proper equine nutrition.