APHA Ride America Program Partners With ACTHA to Benefit Trail Riders

The American Paint Horse Association’s Ride America program was developed in 1994 as a way to recognize recreational riders for the time spent riding their Paint Horses on trails. Riders log hours spent and in doing such create a permanent achievement record for their horse with APHA.

Recently, APHA partnered with the American Competitive Trail Horse Association in an effort to make finding organized trail rides nearby easier. ACTHA hosts competitive trail rides across the United States that are 6-8 miles long with judged obstacles along the route where riders can demonstrate their horses’ skills in five divisions.

As a result of the partnership, APHA Ride America participants will have easy access to more ride locations, and will earn double Ride America hours at all ACTHA rides.

Ride America participants will find easy links to ACTHA rides and information at the Ride America website www.apha.com/programs/rideamerica.