Cutler Farm Dressage Hosts Author and Coach Mary Wanless: 3 Days of Clinics and Hands On Biomechanics Demonstrations

Cutler Farm Dressage, owned by Donna Cameron, will continue its dedication to bringing world class dressage to New England by hosting Mary Wanless, the internationally renowned coach and author of the Ride With Your Mind book series, for 3 days of clinics and lectures on November 8-10th, 2013.  

Wanless has coached riders of all levels, from relative novices to top international dressage riders, most notably, Cutler Farm trainer, Heather Blitz. She has Bachelor of Science degrees in both physics and applied sports coaching, and holds the British Horse Society Instructor (BHSI) certificate. Participants and guests at this event will have an unprecedented opportunity to learn, first hand, from one of the best in the world, about how understanding the biomechanics of the horse can improve riding and relationships in the sport of dressage.

Through her book series and 8 DVD’s, Mary Wanless has focused on the importance of how riders and trainers learn most effectively. The result is a phenomenally effective way of helping riders develop both feel and influence.  She is known for her hands-on and innovative approach to instructing riders and developing her theories.  Wanless has ridden with the late Nuno Oliveira, and over the years, she has spent many months training in Portugal.  She also rode in Germany with the late Egon Von Neindorff, and has trained in Germany with Hans Heinrich Meyer-Zu-Strohen.

Wanless has coached US dressage star Heather Blitz for over 17 years.  Wanless and Blitz now have a reciprocal coaching relationship. Blitz has incorporated Wanless’ approach with her own unique ways of solving training issues for “getting through to” horses of all types and dispositions. Wanless stated that Blitz is a genius at this and she considers Blitz the best living example of correct rider biomechanics.

Heather Blitz recently made the move to Massachusetts last spring when she accepted the position as resident head trainer at Cutler Farm. Almost immediately, she was taken in by this welcoming community and environment. She stated that she is completely dedicated to serving her new clients and building her business here. Cutler Farm Dressage is a world-class dressage training facility that offers exceptional care for horses and a professional, kind atmosphere. The Mary Wanless Clinic is an example of what Blitz and Donna Cameron promised to bring to the equestrian community in the Northeast US. Cameron is dedicated to providing clients a traditional yet holistic path through the dressage arts. “As a former student of ballet and a fervent Pilates devotee, I was keenly aware of the importance of developing a strong core and of understanding the physics of body movement to achieve a higher degree of harmony between horse and rider,” Cameron explains, “I wanted very much to offer this form of rider education at Cutler Farm because I believed it melded together a scientific concept with an aesthetic grace – a combination of strength and beauty – which, to my mind, is what dressage is all about.”

Although rider spots for the clinics are currently full, auditors and other guests still have an opportunity to be actively involved in the clinic. Additionally, interested riders may sign up for a waiting list and will be contacted should any spots become available. Clinic days include under saddle segments from 9-12 and from 2-5, each day, with a lecture segment in between from 12-1pm.  

Cutler Farm is dedicated to providing the very highest quality facility with top-notch training and instruction, with an eye to including everyone in this educational space. Cutler Farm emphasizes the mind-body connection through yoga, pilates, Feldenkreis Movement and Alexander Technique, and has now expanded to include biomechanics for horse and rider under Heather Blitz’s instruction.

Auditors for the Mary Wanless clinic may register online for one or more days, or for lectures only. Audits are $40 per day, and New England Dressage Association and Charles River Dressage Association members can take advantage of $10.00 off each day.  Lecture only is $20 per lecture.  Lunch is available to order online, or guests are welcome to bring their own.  To add your name to the rider waiting list, please email:  [email protected]  For more information or to register, visit <>  and click on “Calendar”

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