Todd Bergen — “Framework of Performance”

In this 4.5 hour video series, Todd Bergen explains the fundamentals behind the training program that has made him the #1 All Time Leading Rider of reining, working cowhorse, and cutting horses. Using a combination of detailed drill sequences and explanations, Todd discusses the mechanics of body control as they relate to performance horse maneuvers and overall efficiency. In a unique format the trainer demonstrates maneuvers at full speed, and then further clarifies the details of his cues and his horse’s body position via slow motion footage and helpful graphic diagrams.

The Framework of Performance video series takes a simple approach to problems that can often appear to be overly complicated. Riding horses in a full range of training stages, the $3.7 million rider explains the importance of establishing training priorities to effectively distinguish the root of a problem from the resultant side-affects. Riders will see Todd work through solutions when things don’t always go to plan on developing prospects as well as seasoned show horses.

Broken down into 4 Chapters, the series covers these topics in depth:

·     Body Control

·     Turnarounds

·     Run Downs & Stops

·     Lead Changes & Cow Work

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Interspersed throughout each chapter are one on one candid discussions with Todd in which he covers general philosophy and terminology. Topics such as the importance of consistency, why he makes every day a new day, and his overall approach the profession of horse training provide insight into Todd’s winning program.

With easy to understand explanations and multiple camera angles, The Framework of Performance video series is an excellent tool for both trainers and non pro riders. Filmed at Todd’s beautiful Oregon ranch, the video series is a valuable resource to not only improve scores in the show pen, but also improve each riders all around horsemanship ability.

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