Sunday Is a Day for Kids at Dressage at Devon

Sunday, September 29 offers a range of fun and exciting opportunities for young equestrians at Dressage at Devon. From the ever-popular Leadline Exhibition Class for the under seven crowd all the way up to the USEF National Young Adult “Brentina Cup” for highly skilled youngsters and their mounts, the day has something for everyone. In between competition, spectators will be treated to an exhibition with world-renowned equestrian Tommie Turvey.

Dressage Seat Equitation classes on Sunday are new this year, with a class for juniors and one for adults. The class will be judged upon correct seat position and the use of aids.

Children under seven can show off their skills in the Leadline Exhibition Class, in which they are led by a parent or a trainer. Although leadline classes are common at hunter-jumper shows, they are fairly new to dressage.

To challenge pony riders with more experience, the FEI Individual Test for Ponies tests their skills with trot half passes, counter canters, extension, collection and more. And for youngsters who enjoy a little artistic expression, there’s the FEI Young Rider and Junior Freestyle. As the riders guide every step in time with the music, their horses appear as if they are dancing.

The Young Adult Brentina Cup program is intended to assist U.S. riders, ages 16-25 in making the transition to the Grand Prix level. “Young riders are able to compete within their age group doing all the Grand Prix moves before getting thrown into the mix of an actual Grand Prix with more seasoned competitors,” said Lori Kaminski, President and CEO of Dressage at Devon.

The future of dressage is in the hands of our youth and so, Dressage at Devon has added two new classes, targeted towards those from 16-25. These include an FEI Intermediare II and FEI Young Rider Grand Prix. These are exciting new additions to the show, providing new ways for our younger riders to shine.

Spectators will be captivated by Tommie Turvey, who has appeared in many films, commercials and television shows both with his horses and as a stuntman. In addition, he has appeared in numerous films, training his horses to do extraordinary things in front of the camera.

Reserved seating to see budding equestrian talent, Tommie Turvey and other events at the Breed and Performance Show at Dressage at Devon is available at and general admission tickets will be available at the show grounds from September 24 through September 29.

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