Classic Equine Leads Horse to Water, Ritchie Makes Him Drink

A fresh and exciting partnership between Classic Equine® and Ritchie® now provides automatic water solutions designed specifically with horses in mind. Classic Equine, based in the heart of horse country, has been dedicated to wellness and protection of equine athletes for the past 20 years. Nobody knows horses or horse owners better. Ritchie invented automatic watering and has been at the forefront of innovative and reliable livestock watering solutions for nearly a century. 

Together they have developed an innovative series of waterers to fit any situation, portable or permanent. Whether you have one horse in a stall, two in the backyard, or 40 head in the pasture, one of these founts is perfect for you. 

Water is the basis for every function in a horse’s body. Improving your horse’s water quality and increasing intake is a simple way to support overall health and performance. Classic Equine Water Systems, by Ritchie provide fresh, clean, temperate water in any climate. Heated and insulated options are available, providing remarkably efficient reliability for even the most extreme environments. 

These new automatic waterers are more efficient and less costly to maintain than conventional watering methods. This gives you the freedom to spend less time watering and more time enjoying your horses. Get yours today in the Horsecity.com store by clicking http://hcity.co/RitchieWaterers.