19-Year-Old Shawn Casady Wins Welcome Stake and Cleveland Grand Prix

Shawn Casady, 19-years-old, had a great weekend at the Chagrin Valley Hunter Jumper Classic. Casady and Twister won both the $10,000 Welcome Stake and the $30,000 Cleveland Grand Prix during Week 1 of the Classic.

The Cleveland Grand Prix, the highlight of the Chagrin Valley Hunter Jumper Classic, was North America's first show jumping grand prix, debuting here at the Polo Fields in 1965. This year's event featured competitors from around the world, including former Olympians from the United States (Joe Fargis) and Argentina (Federico Sztyrle), and a local professional, Megan Moshontz-Bash of Chagrin Falls.

Casady dominates the competition

With no faults and a jump-off time of 30.576 seconds, Casady and Twister dominatedthe competition in Friday night's Welcome Stake. Their success continued on Sunday in the Cleveland Grand Prix, again with no faults and with a jump-off time of 38.978. Olympic gold medalist Joe Fargis, 65-years-old, and Lariat, took second-place with a jump-off time of 39.171. Richard Cheska, of Waukesha, Wis., and Quick Tempo took third-place with a jump-off time of 40.611.

Five competitors went clean in the first round to make it to the jump-off. With the first four rides in the jump-off round the first place position changed each time. Joe Fargis said, "It was a well-done course. Every jump was it's own challenge. Everything was well done, the footing, the course, everything." Fargis has been competing at the Chagrin Valley Hunter Jumper Classic since it began in the 1960's.