Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals and Amber Marshall Announce New Partnership

Omega Alpha, manufacturer of superior, all natural Equine, Pet and Human health products has joined forces with Canada’s most popular TV personality, Amber Marshall, star of the hit series Heartland.

Renowned for her strong connection with animals big and small, Amber shares Omega Alpha’s passion for enhancing the quality of life for pets and horses. On the set of Heartland, Amber’s job is highly demanding. Proper mental and physical health are keys to her success as she plays the lead role. Omega Alpha’s Human health products fit well here too.

“We could not have asked for a more perfect spokesperson to represent the complete Omega Alpha Product Line”, says Omega Alpha President, Dr. Gordon Chang. “Amber’s true and special bond with animals, along with her drive for excellence and a healthy lifestyle are a perfect fit with our company’s goals and values.”

Just like Amber and the character she portrays, the Omega Alpha product line is wholesome and suitable for the entire family. For more than 20 years, Omega Alpha has produced herbal formulations using only the best all-natural ingre- dients to help support and maintain a healthy lifestyle for all their customers. Says Amber Marshall, “Omega Alpha products are a perfect fit with my lifestyle. They improve the quality of life for me and for my animals in an effective and natural way. And I really like that!”

As Amber’s fan base grows domestically and internationally, so too does the popularity of Omega Alpha products. Their equine, pet and human lines are distributed Canada-wide and are available in several countries including the United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong, Cypress and the United States.

About Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals

Omega Alpha manufactures more than 200 natural health products for horses, pets and humans. The company is Canadian owned and employs 50 staff. Omega Alpha manufactures supplements based on proven, scientific research. They provide safe, effective and all-natural remedies of the highest purity and quality. The company’s focus on educa- tion and product training has made them an industry leader in all divisions.

About Amber Marshall

Born and raised in London, Ontario, Amber Marshall recently started her seventh season of portraying Amy Fleming on Heartland. Amber was recently voted by her fans as Canada’s Favourite Screen Star at the 2013 Canadian Screen Awards. Amber’s life parallels that of her on screen character. She lives on her own ranch near Calgary, Alberta and cares for a multitude of animals including horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, fowl, and other farm animals.

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