Buckeye® Nutrition Offers Gro ’N Win® For Every Life Stage

Buckeye® Nutrition’s pelleted Gro ’n Win® products take the guesswork out of feeding multiple horses with various nutritional needs. Created to be fed as a stand-alone feed or a supplement to a horse’s daily grain diet, Gro ’n Win® is formulated with a precise balance of amino acids, vitamins and Optimin® organic minerals for easy digestion and absorption. 

Gro ’n Win® is highly concentrated allowing for a lower feeding rate. The low calorie and low starch and sugar formula is perfect for horses predisposed to metabolic conditions such as obesity, insulin resistance and laminitis.

“Gro ’n Win® makes it simple for horse owners and trainers to select the feed they need to meet the nutritional requirements of the various horses they have in their barns,” said Amber Moffett, MS, PAS, manager of research and development, Mars Horsecare US Inc. “The ration can be formulated for growing foals, performance animals and senior horses. It is also ideal for ponies, miniature horses and easy keepers.”

Stacy Westfall, who rode Roxy (Whizards Baby Doll) to victory bareback and bridleless during the American Quarter Horse Congress freestyle reining competition in 2006, has realized the risks associated with excess weight. Westfall began feeding Gro ’n Win® to all of the horses at Westfall Horsemanship in 2009.

“Feeding Gro ’n Win® to every horse in my barn ensures that each animal gets safe and balanced nutrition — no matter what their life stage or performance level,” said Westfall. “As a mother and competitor, my time is limited. I don’t have the time to research and provide different feeds for different horses. Gro ’n Win® has helped simplify my life.”

Westfall added that she feeds Gro ’n Win® to her reining competitors, foals, lactating broodmares and older horses.

“Gro ’n Win® builds muscle and maintains stamina in my performance horses, yet it supplies my broodmares the nutrients they need to produce high quality milk for healthy foals,” said Westfall.     

Gro ’n Win® contains flaxseed, an added source of Omega 3 fatty acid, for healthy and brilliant hair coat, and elevated biotin levels for healthy hooves. The feed also provides increased vitamins C and E for antioxidants that support immunity and metabolic functions. The ration is available in two formulations: Gro ’n Win® for horses on grass/mixed forage, and Gro ’n Win® Alfa for horses on legume/mixed forage.

“Gro ’n Win® is university proven to be low glycemic and low insulinemic, which can decrease hyperactivity and negative metabolic effects,” said Moffett. “Veterinarians recommend Gro ’n Win® for horses suffering from starch sensitivity and insulin resistance.”

Buckeye® Nutrition, with more than 100 years of developing equine nutrition products, takes feed safety seriously, implementing many programs mandated in human food manufacturing facilities.

For more information about Buckeye® Nutrition, visit www.BuckeyeNutrition.com or call the Buckeye®Nutrition Care Line at (800) 898-9467.