American Quarter Horse Association Newly Designed Show Calendar

AQHA designed a show program that’s enjoyable for every level of rider and their American Quarter Horse, from Rookie competitors to weekend warriors. With fun and exciting new classes like ranch pleasure and boxing, an AQHA show is the perfect venue to test your skills with your American Quarter Horse.

But before you can pack your polo wraps, chaps and shined-up steed, you first need to find an AQHA show near you. Hundreds of summer shows have been added to the AQHA show calendar. AQHA’s online show calendar is a great resource to find upcoming AQHA shows. Here’s how to use it:


Choose a month.

Search by state, province or country for upcoming shows.

Shows will be listed by location and broken down into the following categories: regular, split/combined, double judged/double points, special events, all-Novice, alliance events, Versatility Ranch Horse, AQHA regional championships and dressage.

Introductory shows will be denoted on the show schedule.

A list of shows offering Rookie classes can also be found at

The Show for You

Are you new to AQHA competition? AQHA features a special format of shows – introductory shows – to allow exhibitors to get their feet wet in AQHA competition with their American Quarter Horses.

Introductory shows are Rookie- and Novice-level driven, but show management can choose to offer open, amateur and youth classes, as well. Exhibitors will be able to earn AQHA points at introductory shows, as is the case for all other AQHA shows, and all classes will be judged by AQHA judges. Introductory shows are also a great opportunity for exhibitors to qualify for the AQHA Novice championship shows. However, AQHA Incentive Fund money will not be paid on points earned at these shows, and points earned at introductory shows do not count toward AQHA world championship show qualifying.

The new AQHA Rookie classes are also growing in popularity. Be sure to visit to see if the show you are interested in attending is classified as an introductory show or will be offering Rookie classes.

For a list of all upcoming AQHA shows, check out the AQHA Show Calendar at