“CONNIE: Lessons From a Life in the Saddle”

CONNIE: Lessons from a Life in the Saddle is the fruit of an unexpected friendship between Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Horsey, the Los Angeles Times cartoonist and columnist, and Connie Cox, a veteran horseman who has spent his life driving cattle on the open range and riding rough stock in small town rodeos.

In a biographical essay, through Connie’s collected words of wisdom and humor and with 100 photographs, Horsey tells more than the story of one man’s life on the back of a horse. He celebrates the lifestyle of the men and women of the rural West and explores the allure that lifestyle has for other Americans who spend most of their days working in office cubicles and plugging along on crowded freeways.

“There are lessons to be learned from men like Connie Cox,” Horsey writes. “And I have to say, there are many such men in the rangelands of Montana and elsewhere in the West; men who have worked hard most days of their lives and who will not be retiring to ride a golf cart and chase a little white ball around some unnatural expanse of perfectly manicured country club grass. No, these men will still be riding a horse under a big sky, moving skittering cows until the day they die – or close to it.”

Books can be purchased directly from the author’s website, david-horsey.com, or through Amazon.com. The full-color book sells for $22.95.