Consumers and Businesses Can Save $200 on Fuel Per Month for their Vehicles, an affiliate of NFUELN with 40 years of experience in the fuel management industry, announced a new program enabling incredible savings for consumers and businesses on fuel costs.  The new program, a fuel card, can cut fuel costs immediately for the equine industry. 

Fuel is one of the more costly items in a household budget.  At the end of 2011, fuel costs for the average consumer were 8% of the yearly budget*.  The Equine industry uses more fuel than the average consumer, estimated up to 1,000 gallons per month.  The new fuel card, provided by and apply at, can save consumers up to twenty cents on each gallon of fuel, which translates into a $200 savings per month if an Equine member uses 1,000 gallons of fuel per month. 

“The Equine Industry can cut its fuel cost immediately by utilizing NFUELN’s fuel services,” said Ken MacDonald, president, NFUELN.  “Every consumer and business is looking for ways to save money.  NFUELN brings value through economies of scale.  Consumers become part of a group network that purchases a significant amount of gallons per year.  NFUELN’s program is simple.  Use NFUEL’s credit card at over 50,000 locations nationwide and can save up to $.20 per gallon.  If consumers and businesses are purchasing fuel to get “points” with a credit card – the math is much better for NFUELN’s card – real cash saved immediately.”

NFUELN is a major fuel aggregator in the transportation industry, managing over 50 million gallons of fuel per year. provides fuel charge card privileges at over 50,000 locations nationwide. offers members immediate cost savings at the pump, on average up to $.20 per gallon, but in some areas the savings are greater.  MacDonald adds, “when using a “miles or points” credit card, consumers and business are generally paying a markup of up to $.04 per gallon of fuel above the posted price.  With NFUELN’s credit card, consumers and businesses do not pay a fee or a markup on fuel to use the card.”

Craig Summers, MacDonald’s joint venture partner and a NRHA non-pro exhibitor from Ohio, states, “this is a unique opportunity for the Equine industry, where businesses and consumers travel long distances on a regular basis, using more fuel than the average household.  The NFUELN credit card offers significant fuel cost savings across all the vehicles in a household or business.  As a previous owner of a small trucking company, NFUELN’s services saved my business over $100,000 per year.”

The sign up procedure is simple. Visit to complete the application. This is a business application, but there is no requirement to the size of business — including both larger businesses with a federal tax ID number – and — sole proprietors.  Submit an application for review and once approved, start saving instantly on fuel.  Savings are just a click away.