Take the Edge Off Cold Winters With ECO-Heater

Temperatures are predicted to be colder than normal this winter for much of the United States. During chilly months, many people choose to heat their chicken coops, barns, and stables to maintain a comfortable temperature for their livestock.

According to the Natural Fire Protection Association, fire destroys more than 1,000 U.S. livestock and poultry storage facilities each year. Fortunately, ECO-heater (www.ecoheat.com) is a safe and easy solution to warm chicken coops, barns and stables.

The ECO-heater can be left on indefinitely without worry since the heater is wall-mounted and cannot tip over. ECO-heater uses convection technology, a highly efficient process that circulates air silently. The ECO-heater warms the air between the unit and the wall which rises and then cold air is drawn up from the floor unit which is then heated. Thus warm air circulates silently instead of being blown around by noisy fans and motors that can break. The result is a silent heater that uses only 400 watts of electricity, or the equivalent to 4 incandescent light bulbs, that can effectively heat a 120-200 square foot space. Using 75% less energy than conventional systems, ECO-heaters are scalable so several can be used to heat a large space, like a barn or stable.  

Taking only minutes to install and using three tools, ECO-heater is installed in four easy steps—level, drill, attach, and plug in. First, use a level to determine where to place screws to ensure the panel hangs straight on the wall. The next step is to drill the holes and the third is to simply attach the ECO-heater to the wall with a screwdriver. Lastly, plug in your ECO-heater and it’s ready to take the edge off any space
ECO-heater offers models NA400S/C400S and T400S with the retail value of NA400S/C400S series of $99 and T400U retail value of $129.00. ECO-heater models are available for purchase in store at Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, and True Value, as well as internet sites including Amazon and ecoheat.com. Visit ECO-heater’s website at www.ecoheat.com to find your nearest location.

About ECO-heater, Inc.
Based in Alexandria, VA., ECO-heater, Inc. manufactures and distributes the most economical
room heater on the market today. The ECO-heater offers the ideal supplemental heating solution for the home or office, using the equivalent power consumed by four incandescent light bulbs, only 27% of the energy that conventional 1,500 watt heaters use. Rigorously tested to meet the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standard, the ECO-heater is designed to provide years of maintenance-free service and is backed with a full three-year manufactures warranty. ECO-heater, Inc. is committed to providing consumers with the finest, most reliable heating product available. For more information, visit www.ecoheat.com.