Take Your Riding To the Next Level with Advanced Rider Biomechanics with Colleen Kelly & Linda Parelli

Colleen Kelly has once again teamed up with Linda Parelli to bring you Part 2 of their Rider Biomechanics series. In Advanced Rider Biomechanics, Colleen and Linda build upon the foundation they set up in Part 1 of the series, taking you through a series of exercises designed to improve balance, seat position, turning, and much more!

A biomechanically sound body position is essential to quality riding; after all, when you’re steady on your horse, you feel much more confident and comfortable. Additionally, your body position and movement directly affects your horse’s body position and movement. As Pat Parelli notes, there’s a huge difference between sitting on a horse and actually riding. With Advanced Rider Biomechanics, Colleen will show you how to move with your horse, improving your posture and coordination in ways that keep your horse healthy and comfortable, even on longer rides.

Colleen Kelly is a pioneer in the biomechanics field, and her background in polocrosse and dressage has directly influenced how she approaches the mechanics of movement. Her lessons featured in Advanced Rider Biomechanics are revolutionary in their method: how do we achieve precise movements while still maintaining a balanced and coordinated body – all the while emphasizing a natural approach that puts the relationship first? It’s a credit to Colleen’s wealth of knowledge and her engrossing teaching style that Advanced Rider Biomechanics is rider-friendly, easy to understand, and above all, fun!

This 2-DVD set features chapters on rider position, left/right & forward/back balance, transitions, focus, and much more. Featuring Colleen working with a variety of students (including Linda Parelli herself), Advanced Rider Biomechanics will take your riding to levels you never thought possible.

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The Parelli method combines in-depth equine psychology and common sense communication techniques in a proven recipe for horse and rider success. It allows horse owners at all levels of experience (from trail rider to Olympic-level Dressage rider) to achieve success without force, partnership without dominance, and harmony without coercion. The wider goal is to help create a better world for horses and the people who love them.