Equestrian Superstar Sylvia Zerbini Makes Directorial Debut in Valitar

With its world premiere in San Diego on November 16, 2012, Valitar™ welcomes Sylvia Zerbini in her directorial debut of this all-new, high-energy equestrian show set to play at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Sylvia also stars in the all new touring production alongside her famed and mesmerizing group of talented Arabians, showcasing her strong relationship with these incredible horses all with a dazzling backdrop of utter beauty and pure equestrian magic.

“I’ve been privileged to tour the world doing what I absolutely love, while working alongside the most incredible horses,” says Zerbini. “In this new chapter, I was presented with an opportunity to showcase my talent in communicating with horses and work with an incredible group of world-class riders, dancers, acrobats, and musicians.”

Equustria Development Inc., the San Diego-based production company launching the world premiere of Valitar, produced by Mark and Tatyana Remley, are excited to welcome Zerbini who provides expertise in creating mystical performances. Valitar will premier under a 45,000 square foot Big Top red tent, one of the largest clear span aluminum structures in the world!

The all new show also features the beauty of man and horse told through dramatic and energetic displays of never-before-seen acts.  The show incorporates state-of-the-art technology, high energy, mystical music and a compelling story line. Its cast includes one-of-a-kind liberty acts, bareback riding, vaulting, trick riders, mountain boarders, contortionists, acrobats, and aerialists. Valitar’s muses of love, power, earth, fire, wind, and water will guide us through a story that demonstrates the mystical relationship of horse and man. Valitar is the story of the power and grace of humanity and horses combined.

From the Latin word, Validus, meaning strong, mighty, and powerful, Valitar promises riveting interactions between 45 horses and 25 performers, while combining advanced technology and high energy. Valitar’s ethereal, mystical moments will immerse the crowd in a spectacular event.

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Born in Sarasota, Florida, Sylvia grew up with her parents on tour. Her father was a wild animal trainer. Like her mother, a famous trapeze artist, Sylvia took to the air as a girl, but horses were her true passion. At an age when most teens get a driver’s license, Zerbini was professionally training and performing with liberty horses. “Being a trapeze artist helped me. Horses are agile. They’re like dancers,” notes Zerbini. Another parallel is the absolute focus required to work with numerous horses at liberty. “Timing is everything,” she notes. Zerbini calls the horses themselves her greatest mentors.

Honored with numerous awards including the prestigious Cup of Monaco, presented to her by Monaco’s Prince Rainier, Sylvia has performed for nearly 10 million people in her career, to date. She appeared at landmarks such as Madison Square Garden in New York, Playa De Americas in Mexico City, Molsen Center in Montreal, and Los Angeles’ Staples Center, before touring with Cavalia.