Dr. Joan Norton Presented Equine Veterinarian CE Event on Equine Metabolic Syndrome

On September 18-19, 2012, Joan Norton VMD, DACVIM of Norton Veterinary Consulting and Education Resources (NVCER), presented a two-day continuing education program on Equine Metabolic Syndrome for equine veterinarians and technicians in Indianapolis, IN.

Norton, along with Abby Keegan, M.S., discussed the pathogenesis of EMS and up-to-date techniques for on-farm diagnosis and treatment regimes. The program was sponsored by Nutrena.

“We had a great group of equine practitioners at this event,” Norton said. “What is exciting about what I do as an educator is that I can help veterinarians stay current. I have to thank Rob Martin from Nutrena for putting this event together.”

Martin noted that he was pleased to sponsor such a timely event. “Dr. Norton is a knowledgeable and dynamic presenter,” he said. “Nutrena is proud to partner with her to bring the latest information to equine veterinarians and technicians.”

Dr. Norton founded Norton Veterinary Consulting and Education Resources to promote equine veterinary education to horse owners, professionals and veterinarians. NVCER offers both face-to-face and online courses for horse enthusiasts and continuing education for veterinarians and technicians. In addition to education on both general and focused topics, NCVER offers case-by-case equine and large animal internal medicine consulting services for veterinarians to review blood work, ultrasounds, x-rays, research topics and/or supply the latest, up-to-date information to help diagnose and manage challenging or mysterious cases.

Dr. Norton is the author of Equine First Aid Handbook, a useful pocket-sized book, perfect to tuck into the trunk at the barn, which contains must-have information on how to recognize and handle common equine emergencies.


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