Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover Crowns Champions in Four Divisions

Champions entertained and amazed the crowd with their performances that displayed great horsemanship skills and incredible trust from once wild and fearful Mustangs. For the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover, trainers had approximately 120 days to transform wild American Mustangs into willing partners as they competed for their share of more than $250,000 in prize money.

Legends Division winners, Bobby Kerr and Maypop.
Bobby Kerr and Maypop leaving the ring in the Good N Broke Limo
Sierra Sawaya and Shasta won the youth division and received a check for $15,000. Her sister Mikaela placed ninth with her Mustang Amira.

The Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover competition took place at the Will Rogers Equestrian Center in Fort Worth, Texas, September 13-15. The horses were adopted on March 31 via a televised adoption auction on RFD-TV. The adopters met their new Mustangs in mid-May when they were picked up from Bureau of Land Management facilities across the United States.

In the Legends Division, Bobby Kerr and Maypop wowed the judges and the crowd with precise maneuvers in the compulsories and an entertaining freestyle that ended with Maypop sitting beside Kerr in an antique car as they exited the arena. In addition to the $50,000 winner’s check, they also earned $5,000 as the Fan Favorites. Kerr and Maypop scored a 168.5 in the compulsories, which was 10 points higher than any other entry. In the freestyle portion of the finals, the pair earned 288.5 points for a total of 457 points – 35 points ahead of second place.

Kerr, who lives in Hico, Texas, shared after the victory that he named the horse because at the start of the training process Bobby discovered that he “may pop” you if you startled him (i.e. kick). After a vet examination, it was discovered that this was a survival instinct as the horse has limited sight from his side and behind. Gaining a wild horse’s trust is never easy, but even with a severe handicap, Kerr was able to develop an incredible relationship with Maypop. The sorrel gelding was born in 2007 and was gathered from the Tobin Range Herd Management Area in Nevada.  

The complete order of finish for the Legends Division at the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover: 1) Bobby Kerr and Maypop; 2) Mary Miller Jordan and Silver Lining; 3) Drew Olsen and Bentley; 4) Mary Kitzmiller and Jax; 5) Kirk Christiansen and Cruise; 6) Tom Hagwood and El Gato; 7) Mozaun McKibben and Range Rover; 8) Teryn Muench and Relay; 9) Wylene Wilson and Smarty Pants; 10) Jerry Jones and Tator Tot; 11) Teryn Muench and Déjà Vu; 12) Tate Weber and Lil Bit; 13) Randall Davis and Last Call; 14) Miranda Lyon and Finnegan; 15) Joe Williams and Vegas; 16) Teryn Muench and Pretty Boy Floyd; 17) Kirk Christiansen and Maverick; 18) Tate Weber and Snake Farm; 19) Clint Bailey and Hondo; and 20) Jake Lundahl and Tyree.

In the Idols Division, Cam Warner of Spanish Fork, Utah, and his Mustang Willson amassed 251 points to earn the champion honors. Warner and Willson displayed their team work by roping a calf without using a bridle or saddle. Willson is a 2007 bay gelding gathered from the Eagle Herd Management in Nevada. Warner earned $20,000 for the victory.

The overall top-10 placings for the Idols Division are 1) Cam Warner and Willson; 2) Arianne Hagwood and Harney; 3) Susan Kerr and Flaxey Fooler; 4) Austin Blake and Mustang GT; 5) Sharla Wilson and Smokie; 6) Clint Hayden and Hondo; 7) Seth Weber and Peterbilt; 8) Betsy Moles and Mighty Mouse; 9) Heath Weber and Cranberry; and 10) Shaula Carboni and Born To Be Bombproof Leopold.

In the Stars Division, Mustangs were shown in-hand and were not ridden. Zachary Rios and Ezekiel were named the champions of the Stars Division at the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover and took home a check for $7,000. Rios lives in New Boston, Texas, and Ezekiel is a 2007 sorrel gelding gathered from the Augusta Mountains Herd Management Area in Nevada. The duo earned 260 points to take top honors in the division.

The Stars Division overall placings are: 1) Zachary Rios and Ezekiel; 2) Cindy Brasfield and Top Line; 3) Sharla Wilson and Bandit; 4) Toby Dach and Deuces Wild; 5) Dwayne Rhea and Vaquero; 6) Bridget Slaughter and Phoenix; 7) Emily Hutton and Latigo; 8) Ira Konig and Latigo; 9) James Low and Albarado es Joaquim; and 10) James Low and Whiskey.

In the Youth Division, yearling Mustangs were shown in-hand by youth ages 8-18. Sierra Sawaya of Hallwood, California, and Shasta  were named the champions of the Youth Division of the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover. The pair won $15,000 and a new Gist Silversmiths Custom Belt Buckle. Shasta is a yearling Mustang filly that was born in a BLM facility.

Morgan Moreno of Liberty Hill, Texas, and her Mustang yearling Charlie Brown were voted fan favorites by the crowd. Moreno and Charlie Brown’s freestyle was a tribute to the Olympics. Moreno received a Gist Silversmiths Belt Buckle and $4,000 for being named Youth Fan Favorite.

The final overall placings in the Youth Division are: 1) Sirra Sawaya and Shasta; 2) Luke Lundahl and Rowdy; 3) Kaitlyn Sheheen and Sebastian; 4) Hannah Catalino and Just Harley Dun It; 5) Michelle Deden and Jesse James; 6) Morgan Moreno and Charlie Brown; 7) Tyler Brewster and Gideon; 8) Amelia Rhodes and Top Blonde; 9) Mikaela Sawaya and Amira; 10) Jayde Dittmer and Wyatt; 11) Allison Reynolds and Whispering Hills Pride; 12) Hannah Catalino and Ace Of Spades; 13) Tyler Brewster and Strawberry Shortcake; 14) Chloe Chambers and Dante’s Dream; 15) McCoy Christiansen and Bubba; 16) Abby Brown and Ozzy; 17) Sarah Bowman and Dream On; 18) Jerrad Dittmer and McCoy; 19) Kellie Hunn and Lacy; and 20) Nikki Bednarek and Whispering Hills Daisy Darling.

Results from the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover will be posted at

In 2013, the Mustang Heritage Foundation’s annual Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover competition will be reformatted and achieve new heights as Mustang Million. The 2013 event seeks to place 1,000 wild, untouched horses into adoptive homes and be eligible for the performance competition with a $1,000,000 cash and prize purse.

Live adoption auctions will be held across the United States for horse enthusiasts to adopt a Mustang for the competition. Learn more at

The Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover is made possible through a partnership with the Bureau of Land Management and the generous support of Ram Trucks, Western Horseman, Pfizer, Twister Trailer, Vetericyn, Martin Saddlery, RES Equine Products, Roper, Gist Silversmiths and Smith Brothers.

With more than 45,000 American Mustangs waiting to be adopted in BLM facilities, the Mustang Heritage Foundation is stepping up its efforts to help these American legends find adoptive homes. Since the first Extreme Mustang Makeover event was held in 2007, the Mustang Heritage Foundation has facilitated the adoptions of more than 3,300 gentled American Mustangs.

In 2012, the Foundation in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management will continue to increase its efforts to raise awareness of adoptions of America’s Mustangs. Visit for more information about the Mustang Heritage Foundation’s adoption programs.