Ranch Kids Wanted for Youth Ranching Essay Contest

Working Ranch Cowboys Association presents YOUTH in Ranching at the 17th World Championship Ranch Rodeo! They are seeking young ranchers to enter their essay contest. Deadline is October 15th!

Essays must be written by a child whose family is involved in horse or cattle ranching, and the essays must be in the CHILD’S OWN WORDS (parents can assist the younger children).  Essays must be no longer than 300 words. Include three to four photos that will not be returned.  Select one of the topics from the list below based on age of child:

Son of Scott Myers off Myers Cattle Co. & Mimms Cattle Co.


5-8 years old

I want to be a cowboy/cowgirl because:

I call my horse ______________, and here’s what I like about him:

My favorite thing to do on the ranch is:

When I grow up…

9-13 years old

My first day in the brandin’ pen…

My hero is:

My favorite thing to do on the ranch is:

My most memorable challenge or adventure growing up on the ranch has been:

Tell us about your horse:

What is the most difficult thing to do on the ranch?

14-17 years old

My responsibilities on the ranch are:

A day on the ranch begins…

I will preserve the heritage and lifestyle of the working ranch cowboy/cowgirl in the future by:

My parents instilled in me…

My work ethic is…

The ranch is an isolated location.  How do you balance working and living on the ranch with other aspects of life, like school and friendships?

I am the _______ generation to work on the ranch.  Here’s what that legacy means to me:

What is the most difficult thing to do on the ranch?

What are your future plans?

The deadline is October 15th. If you want to tell your story and would like more information please contact the WRCA Office (806) 374-9722 or email We look forward to hearing your stories … now is your time to ride!

Learn more about WRCA here: