The Weight Is Over: World Equestrian Brands Announces Equilibrium Airlite Cross Country Boots

World Equestrian Brands is excited to share their good news: Equilibrium Tri-zone® Airlite Cross Country Boots have arrived. The highly protective but lightweight boots don’t add weight to a horse’s leg – in fact they are so light they float on water.

“The Tri-zone Airlite boots are fantastic because in addition to providing the ultimate in protection, the boots are incredibly lightweight. Adding weight to a horse’s leg can significantly reduce performance,” said Robin Moore, President of World Equestrian Brands, LLC, the United States distributor of Amerigo saddles and strapgoods, Amerigo Vega saddles, Vespucci, E.A. Mattes and Equilibrium products.  World Equestrian Brands, LLC is also a sponsor of the United States Eventing Association (USEA) American Eventing Championships in September, where they will be debuting the Airlite Cross Country boots among some of the best eventing riders in the country.

Moore continued to praise the cross country boots and added, “What I appreciate about Equilibrium, the manufacturer of the boots, is they are always seeking to bring products to the next level of performance.  The Airlite material has been tested, both independently and by the company to protect horse’s legs for both concussion and penetration at the impact levels of Advanced cross country.  Once they knew they had the protection levels performing at or beyond what is needed- the Equilibrium team asked the question- how can we make an even better boot?  That’s when they took into account important factors such as lightness, coolness – we know studies repeatedly show the detrimental effects of heat buildup – flexibility, and another great feature of these boots is they do not hold water and add weight.  Literally a few strides out of a water jump, the water is out of the boot.  Also, we don’t use fiberglass, which can shatter, in strike plates; we use a material that cannot be cut through, and will not shatter.”

“Equilibrium is a great company and really believes in the science behind the product,” Moore said. “They had developed a heavier boot but after the research, they have developed a boot that is lighter and even more effective.”

The new Tri-zone Airlite Cross Country Boots are also highly breathable. Overheating the leg can cause long-term tissue damage. All three layers of the boots are perforated with air holes to allow heat (in the form of sweat) to evaporate to the outside. The Tri-zone® brand is built on a core principle of zoned protection – providing unrivalled protection where it’s needed most. When concussion occurs, shock is transferred through 3 zones never letting impact reach the leg’s tendons and ligaments. Tri-zone® technology absorbs up to 50% more concussion and is 50% more resistant to penetration in independent clinical trials when compared to leading market brands.

For more information on World Equestrian Brands, visit http://www.worldequestrianbrands.com

The Tri-zone Airlite Cross Country Boots are $155 for the fronts and $165 for the hinds. Fronts and hinds come in size Medium and Large in Black.