National Versatility Ranch Horse Association Introduces Limited Amateur Division

Amateur riders have a new division to showcase their skills at National Versatility Ranch Horse Association (NVRHA) events.

The purpose of the new Limited Amateur Division is to provide a place for the continued education and skill development of the Novice rider who has scored out of Novice, to provide a box-only forum for any rider wanting to participate in the NVRHA without jeopardizing standing in another organization that does not allow fence work and to provide a box only division for those riders experiencing life events necessitating changes to their riding activities.  

In the boxing maneuver, the rider will call for one cow to be turned out into the arena. Upon receiving the cow, the horse/rider team will hold or “box” the cow in the designated end of the arena for sufficient time to demonstrate the ability of the horse to contain the cow along the wall of the arena. Scoring is based on the horse maintaining control of the cow at all times, exhibiting superior cow sense and natural cow working ability.  

NVRHA President, Dave Currin, said the new division helps ensure a place for every skill level of rider. “We are excited about this new Limited Division because it will give the more advanced amateur rider an opportunity to experience the thrill of riding in ranch horse versatility without having to rope or perform fence turns. Having full division status also allows competing for year end awards and participating in the annual National Championships.”  

The Limited Amateur Division will include all elements of the Novice Division with the addition of a double-boxing procedure during the Working Ranch Horse class. The contestant will box the cow at the top end of the arena, proceed to drive the cow to the other end of the arena and demonstrate boxing again. There will be no fence work or roping. Inclusion in the Limited Amateur Division is open to any amateur horse/rider team and a team may stay in the Limited Amateur Division indefinitely.  

Educational clinics and schooling competitions at versatility ranch horse events separate riders into Open, Advanced Amateur, Intermediate Amateur, Novice Amateur, Limited Amateur and Collegiate divisions. Riders participate in all five events designed to showcase the skills of the ranch horse  including Working Ranch Horse, Ranch Cutting, Ranch Trail, Ranch Riding and Ranch Conformation. Any horse of any breed or breeding may be used. Visit nvrha.org for a schedule of clinics/competitions and complete description of events.  

The National Versatility Ranch Horse Association is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation, whose mission is to raise awareness of and appreciation for the versatility of the ranch horse and to foster the preservation and enhancement of western culture and heritage.  

NVRHA also provides a program and place for showcasing the ranch horse and will maintain a strong link among breed associations, the ranching community, the professional horseman and versatility ranch horse riders.

Classes cover skills that the ranch horse would need in the ordinary course of working on a ranch. Educational clinics are paired with schooling competitions at locations across the United States to showcase the skills learned in clinics and to heighten the awareness of ranch horses in a fun and learning atmosphere.

To learn more visit http://nvrha.org