International Finals Youth Rodeo Finals Honors Stock Contractor

Phil Sumner has furnished the rough stock at the International Finals Youth Rodeo (IFYR) for 20 years. He started riding bulls when he was in high school in 1959. “I rode a few bareback horses and bulls, then went to work putting on rodeos helping different contractors. I fought bulls, judged, and picked up.”

Stock contractor Phil Sumner was honored at the International Finals Youth Rodeo for his twenty years of service to the youth rodeo, held in Shawnee, Okla. Photo by Siri Stevens/Rodeo News.

The IFYR one of the largest rodeos he produces. He brought 130 head of bulls and 120 head of horses to the rodeo this year.

“Getting livestock that is as even as possible and being timely with every performance is the most challenging part of this rodeo,” he said. “I’ve seen kids come out of here and go on down the road and make a professional career out of rodeo – it’s good to see them and meet them again.”

Phil was one of nine people honored at the fifth performance of the 20th International Finals Youth Rodeo for dedicating 20 years of service to the event.  

The rodeo continues with performances on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, at 9 am and 7:30 pm each day. The top 15 in each event compete at the short go-round on Friday night at 7:30 pm, when 2012 IFYR Champions are crowned.

For more information on the IFYR, visit or call 405-275-7020.