Stars and Stripes Shine at Spruce Meadows 2012 North American Tournament

The sun and the stars and stripes were shining, and 38,110 people came out to Spruce Meadows, Calgary, AB to enjoy International-level sport and a celebration of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee with the ATCO Power Queen Elizabeth II Cup, on the Saturday of the 2012 Spruce Meadows ‘North American’ Tournament.

The fans also came out for a complimentary breakfast, and took a seat to watch the TD Cup. The event featured 24 horse/rider combinations competing over the course designed by Michel Vaillancourt (CAN), with 15 jumping obstacles over 500 meters of track.

Eight combinations returned to the winning round, where Eric Lamaze (CAN) took home first place riding Coriana Van Klapscheut, his 10 year old Warmblood mare. This marks Lamaze’s third FEI win this season, after losing his prize stallion, Hickstead, last November. “It’s been a tough time, I’ve had to get used to losing a lot more” commented Lamaze, Spruce Meadows’ all  time prize money winner. “I feel a lot better about all my horses after taking them through the series here at Spruce.”

L to R: Lieutenant Governor Col. The Honourable Donald S. Ethell, John Ell, president ATCO Power, General Walt Natynczyk, presenting the Queen Elizabeth II Cup trophy to Beezie Madden. Photo by Spruce Meadows Media Services.

In celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Spruce Meadows in 1990, 44 horse/rider combinations saddled up to take home the $200,000 Queen Elizabeth II Cup, the third leg of the CN Precision series.

After losing by a nose to Eric Lamaze (CAN) and Hickstead last year, Rich Fellers (USA) and Flexible set their sights on finally taking first place. It just wasn’t meant to be, with fellow Olympic teammate, Beezie Madden (USA), posting three clear rounds, and a jump off time of 37.58 to win first place. With 44 horse/rider combinations to start, the course designed by Michel Vaillancourt (CAN) saw 5 combinations return from the second round into the jump off after over 900 meters of track and 38 obstacles over two rounds.

Madden and her 13 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding, Simon, had some fierce competition, with two other CN Precision Series winners searching for a $50,000 bonus. Fellers, along with Kent Farrington (USA) were both looking to capture another leg of the series, which would result in bonus prize money.

Friday Highlights

Although the Olympics aren’t on his mind, Kent Farrington (USA) continues to be a dominate force in the International Ring at Spruce Meadows. Farrington added the Pepsi Challenge to his six other FEI victories at Spruce Meadows this season alone.


Kent Farrington (USA) aboard Venus, champions of the Pepsi Challenge. Photo by Spruce Meadows Media Services.

Farrington and his mount, the 10 year old Dutch Warmblood mare, Venus, came up against 56 other horse/rider combinations over the course designed by Michel Villancourt (CAN). The course, with 510 meters of track and 16 jumping efforts, saw 12 combinations move through to the jump off, and Farrington emerging victorious.

The Lafarge Cup featured 24 qualified horse/rider combinations competing over the Michel Villancourt (CAN) course, with 15 jumping obstacles stretched over 530 meters. Three time Olympian Beezie Madden (USA) had no troubles on course, and took home the first place aboard Mademoiselle, her 15 year old Holstein mare.

This win bolsters Madden’s confidence in more ways than one. The multiple Olympic Gold Medallist has been named to the 2012 US Olympic team headed for London in less than a month, and Madden says that Spruce Meadows is the perfect venue to prepare for the upcoming challenge. “It’s excellent having all of the team right here, we’re all able to help each other out, keep everyone in top form.” said Madden. This isn’t the only time the Olympian has been in the winner’s circle this summer   Madden has already won two other FEI competitions at Spruce Meadows in the past four weeks.

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Pepsi Challenge Results – Friday

1   Kent Farrington, USA,  Venus

2   Eric Lamaze,     CAN, Wang Chung M25

3   Nayel Nassar,    EGY,  Lordan

4   Lauren Crooks,  USA,  Dancer

5   Andres Rodriguez,   VEN, Caballito

6   Yann Candele,   CAN, Game Ready

7   Mario Deslauriers,   USA,  Ardeche Van De Zelm

8   Mario Deslauriers,   USA,  Whistler

9   Reed Kessler,    USA,  Cylana

10   McLain Ward,  USA,  Zander

Lafarge Cup Results – Friday

1   Beezie Madden, USA,  Mademoiselle

2   Shane Sweetnam, IRL,   Diktator Van De Boslandhoeve

3   Beezie Madden, USA,  Amadora

4   Kent Farrington, USA,  Voyeur

5   McLain Ward, USA, Pjotter Van De Zonnehoeve

6   Mario Deslauriers, USA,  Vicompte D

7   John Perez, COL,  Utopia

8   Alec Lawler, USA,  Glen Devon

9   Ben Asselin, CAN, Rush

10   Mac Cone, CAN, Amor Van De Rostal

TD Cup Results – Saturday

1  Eric Lamaze, CAN, Coriana Van Klapscheut

2  Beezie Madden, USA, Cortes C

3  Mario Deslauriers, USA, Cella

4  Richard Spooner, USA, Apache

5  Nayel Nassar, EGY, Lordan

6  Mac Cone, USA, Capone I

7  Kent Farrington, USA, Voyeur

8  Antonio Maurer, MEX, Callao

9  Wilton Porter, USA, Paloubet

10  Reed Kessler, USA, Cylana

ATCO Power Queen Elizabeth II Cup Results – Saturday

1  Beezie Madden, USA, Simon

2  Rich Fellers, USA, Flexible

3  Kent Farrington, USA, Uceko

4  Lauren Tisbo, USA, King Kolibri

5  Leslie Howard,  USA, Utah

6  Mario Deslauriers, USA, Urico

7  Darragh Kerins, IRL,   Lisona

8  Richard Spooner, USA, Cristallo

9  Christine McCrea, USA, Romantovich Take One

10  Lisa Carlsen, CAN, La Boom