Children’s Book: Pidgy’s Surprise by Ellen Feld

Pidgy's Surprise is the story of Cindy Sawyer, and her plucky little Shetland pony named Pidgy. Cindy is always dreaming of the beautiful horse she hopes to own. Ponies are nice, but a horse would be wonderful. Cindy's dream soon becomes an obsession and her parents realize that she is becoming a very unhappy girl.

After a summer full of fun and riding, a morning comes when Pidgy goes missing. Not until she looked into the empty stall does Cindy realize how much she really loves her pony.


Over 80 detailed drawings by famed equine author/illustrator Jeanne Mellin. 126 pages, early chapter book, approx. 3rd grade reading level. Available from Amazon.com.

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ISBN – 978-0983113805














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