2012 Merial Ranch Sorting National Championships

The Merial Ranch Sorting National Championships - RSNC National Finals will be held in conjunction with Battle in The Saddle at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds July 3-8, 2012 in Oklahoma City, OK.  

This great sport of Ranch Sorting has spread like wild fire across the U.S. and Ranch Sorting National Championships (RSNC) couldn’t be more excited. RSNC would like to extend a personal invitation to you to ride, watch, and celebrate with ranch sorters at the 2012 Merial RSNC National Finals.  

RSNC has so much great to be excited about: increase in membership, AQHA Partner Alliance and new location for Finals. Last year during the 2011 RSNC National Finals membership was at 11,000, since then membership has grown to over 15,000 members and increases each day. RSNC is excited about the membership growth not just in the United States, but internationally as well.  

For 2012, RSNC is ecstatic to be joining the exciting line up of barrel racing, cowboy mounted shooting, cutting, ranch pleasure, ranch remuda challenge, roping, versatility ranch horse competition and working cow horse.

The 6-day event for 2012 is scheduled for fun and excitement!  RSNC Finals includes a variety sorting classes, food, live entertainment, recognition, awards, prizes and fun for the whole family.  For contestants, classes will accommodate youth and beginner riders along with master competitors.  

If you want to watch the Finals LIVE from a computer go to click on “Live Online RSNC TV Webcasts”.  When contestants are not riding, there will be Meet and Greet Gathering, Tommy Hooker: Real Dancehall Music, cowboy serenading, Producer Dinner, Cowboy Poetry, Cowboy Church, and duck races.  

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