“No hoof, no horse” World Championship Blacksmiths Return to Midwest Horse Fair

Madison, WI – The first competition of the 6th World Championship Blacksmiths’ season will kick off at the Midwest Horse Fair® on April 20, 21, 22 at the Alliant Energy Center.  This age-old art gathers blacksmiths from all over the country to compete under the famous yellow and white striped tent.

Blacksmithing is an ancient art, which dates back as long as man has used steel and ridden horses. Several types and applications of blacksmithing exist, such as; ornamental work, farm implement manufacture and repair, and horseshoe forging. All of the competitors have their own horseshoeing history whether it is running a business, as an employee of the trade or by attending a horseshoeing school.

Each of the classes will be scored and points will be awarded to the winners. The competitors at the Midwest Horse Fair® will be working to qualify for the National Championship. In addition to the main competition, attendees can enjoy Mercury Match Play, a fun competition for both the competitors and spectators. Truly meant to warm up the competitors, it pits one competitor against another in a double elimination, preparing them for the official rounds of the competition.

Competitors will make horseshoes from a stock piece of steel to the judge’s specification. These are all timed events and each round of competition will feature 10 competitors, so there will be blacksmithing a minimum of four hours each day. Also appearing throughout the competition will be Tim McPhee, CJF, the official judge and clinician.

This year’s appearance of the World Championship Blacksmiths is proudly sponsored by Structures Unlimited, LLC, a Wisconsin-based company. Structures Unlimited is a supplier of steel-framed, engineered and non-engineered fabric membrane buildings.  They offer clear-span widths from 18 ft up to 300 ft and in any length imaginable. With recommendations from the Department of the Navy and FEMA for rapid response and quick completion of a building after Hurricane Katrina, they are an accomplished Midwest dealer.

The weekend of the Midwest Horse Fair®, April 20, 21 & 22—2012, will be full of events for all horse lovers. Visit the Midwest Horse Fair® website at www.MidwestHorseFair.com to stay up to date on all of the clinicians, competitions, and shows that will make up the weekend.